stylist’s opinion about Buzova’s outfits on the show “Stars in Africa”

The second season of the show “Stars in Africa” ​​is airing on TNT. Viewers who follow the vicissitudes of this extreme reality, of course, pay attention to the images of the co-leader of the project Olga Buzova. Her outfits are so bright that it is simply impossible not to notice and discuss them!

Fashionista of the Week does it professionally. Olga Buzova’s outfits for the show “Stars in Africa” ​​were appreciated by a fashion designer Naz Mayerpointing out the shortcomings and findings in them.

Jewelry and hairstyle saved the image

Here is an example of how a hairstyle and well-chosen jewelry can “stretch” the whole image.

Olga Buzova in a gray dress with a fringe. Photo: TNT

“This image of Olga Buzova – a gray leopard sundress looks old-fashioned and cheap. The leopard print in this color is a good find, but the outdated cut and decor in the form of brushes spoil the picture. However, I would like to mention the successful jewelry and hairstyle – simple, harmonious and elegant. 4 out of 10 ».

Color block dress – good luck

One of the brightest outfits of Olga Buzova on the show “Stars in Africa”. By the way, if you try to repeat, keep in mind that to dress in such a dress, you need a press, like Olga Buzova.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova in a color block dress. Photo: TNT

“The image is more successful – a very modern dress in the style of color-block in a harmonious combination of colors. The corrugated skirt and open draped top fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape and complement the frame with bright colors. More restrained, not overloaded with the number of details images, go to the TV presenter much more. 7 of 10 ».

Cheerful paints are a great find

The hosts of the show “Stars in Africa” ​​Mikhail Galustyan and Olga Buzova seem to complement each other perfectly. By the way, this TV outfit is recommended to be repeated next summer.

Olga Buzova and Mikhail Galustyan
Olga Buzova and Mikhail Galustyan. Photo: personal archive

“The next outfit of the TV presenter turned out to be no less successful, also thanks to the bright and cheerful colors. Loose tunic in the color of a sea wave with frills, complemented by a belt-knot. The leopard turban harmoniously complements the outfit. 7 of 10 ».

Be careful – leopard

Olga Buzova with the participant of the show “Stars in Africa” ​​Alena Vodonaeva. If this image of a TV presenter seems successful to you, then yes – you just think so.

Olga Buzova and Alena Vodonaeva
Olga Buzova and Alena Vodonaeva. Photo: personal archive

“Leopard coloring requires more delicate integration into any image, otherwise it looks a bit gone. Sundress-combination – definitely not the best option for the embodiment of a classic print. There is also a problem with jewelry here – a plastic bracelet and a necklace made of seashells look like souvenirs from the resort of the Krasnodar Territory. 3 out of 10 ».

Fits Safari style

Here is another image of Olga Buzova from “Stars in Africa”, which can be repeated when the weather allows.

Mikhail Galustyan and Olga Buzova
Mikhail Galustyan and Olga Buzova in a successful outfit in the style of Safari. Photo: personal archive

“This image of Olga Buzova turned out to be the most successful, because it looks the most relevant and modern. An interesting white bodysuit and a khaki maxi skirt are a simple yet harmonious ensemble. It may be too mundane for TV, but it is in line with the Safari style, which the project’s stylists have achieved with varying degrees of success. 8 of 10 ».

Let’s sum up

The first The place in our fashion competition is occupied by the image of Olga Buzova with a white bodysuit and a khaki skirt. The second shared two outfits – with a loose tunic the color of a sea wave and a pleated skirt. And the third a place near the image of Olga Buzova in a sundress with a leopard print.


Naz Mayer, fashion designer. Disciple of Jean-Paul Gauthier. Designer, fashion expert, winner of the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Prize “Designer of 2021”.

Fashion designer Naz Mayer
Fashion designer Naz Mayer. Photo: personal archive

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