Tauruses need to reject conventions, and Pisces will be pursued by ideas – Society

A new horoscope has been published for Saturday, April 2. Someone may have problems on the personal front. Someone will improvise brilliantly. Some were allowed to sail downstream, while others were allowed to push the boundaries of existence.


Today you can find the application of even the most useless thing, it would be just a thing. The day is good for communicating with people, you can find your own approach to everyone.


Today you should not associate yourself with any conventions. It will not work out very well for you, and it will not be fun. But as a freelance artist, you can create something that deserves to exist.


Today you may have problems on the personal front. A dry, rational and highly objective approach to the problem can save you from the prospect of being out of business.


Today you will be able to make truly brilliant improvisations. The less you care about how to express yourself, the better you will be.


Today you can be a tool in someone’s hands. To avoid this situation, try not to get involved in any adventures. You can have fun in other ways.


Today you can go with the flow of conscience. Whatever current you come across (warm is recommended, but that’s not enough), it will in any case bring you exactly where you need it.


Today you can afford to do anything – everything will be in place and on time. However, do not get too carried away, exactly at midnight, everything done will turn against you.


Today the boundaries of being will move before you and everything will seem a little different than before. Take a look, maybe you like it?


Today, a person born under the water sign can literally drown you in tears. So it is better to ignore the familiar Cancers, Pisces and Scorpios.


Today you can feel like Alice talking to the March Hare. It can be too difficult to isolate the meaningful part of the conversation that you have to maintain.


Try not to put off drawing up a schedule for today. The sooner you understand this issue, the less likely you are to be accused of inaction at some crucial moment.


Today you can fall victim to an obsession. Trying to fight it is useless, so relax. It is unlikely that she will be very bad.

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