Tears on Camille. What Valieva became a month after the nightmare of the 2022 Olympics

After a short program of the First Channel Cup, the press center of Saransk Arena, full of photographers and journalists, discussed not the new program of Tuktamysheva, not the quadruple Lutz Kondratyuk, and not the battle of the Red Machine and Time of the First. The spectators of the Saransk Arena were discussed in the press center. Photographers told how many women cried in the stands during Kamila Valieva’s speech. Adult mourners.

It’s hard to believe, but only a month has passed since the 2022 Olympics. About four weeks, and the nightmare that the whole country experienced with Valieva seems to be a memory from someone else’s life. As if there was no harassment, insane pressure, court, threats not to go to the awards if Camila wins that very strange doping test, hidden before the start of the Olympic tournament in Beijing…

We all know how the country spent this month. But no photos on social networks will tell what these four weeks were like in Valieva’s life. What she thought about, what plans she made and destroyed, whether she forced herself to go to the rink or, conversely, rushed to training.

Valieva participated in the Channel One Cup as part of Mark Kondratyuk’s team. Photo: social networks of Kamila Valieva

So the Channel One Cup had to be held, at least to make sure that Camilla was all right. To see her smile after the horror of Beijing 2022, after the Olympic disaster. To be calm – a 15-year-old child was not broken completely.

Well, to say once again that she remains the champion of our hearts.

That is why every second poster in the stands of Saransk Arena was dedicated to Camille. And that’s why she got the most applause.

Valiev was taken care of. Taken away from journalists. She was once again asked nothing on the air. She was constantly told that they loved her. And Evgenia Medvedev admitted that she missed Camille. “I will not torment you with questions or ask you to express your opinion about the rental, I’ll just say once again that we all love you very much! .. And I want to ask the whole hall of applause Camille, because we really missed, though not so a lot of time has passed, only a month, “Medvedeva said to Valieva after her speech.

Kamila Valieva, figure skating
A month has passed since the 2022 Olympics, where Kamila Valieva went through a terrible time. Photo: Reuters

It was all extremely nice. But so often they communicate with those who have had something very, very bad happen to them. Just in case, such people are made crystal – they are surrounded by a cotton wool of attention, imbued with compassion bordering on pity.

But most of the time, Camila seemed to understand. And in order not to frighten women with crying faces, she smiled incendiarily when she was snatched away by TV cameras and displayed on screens under the arches of the arena. She happily waved to those who chanted her name, and in general it was possible to think that there is no happier person in the Channel One Cup. But from time to time, when she thought no one saw her, Camila seemed to be turned off — her face suddenly became very focused, and she didn’t seem to notice anything around her.

Kamila Valieva
Kamila Valieva recognizes herself. Social networks Teamtutberidzee

Maybe in those moments Kamila Valieva tried to imagine what would happen to her later. After RUSADA conducts its own investigation into how the same drug for cores got into the body of the young figure skater, WADA will report on it. It is said that this should happen by August 8. That is, Valiev will face another four months of torture into obscurity. And what will happen next? I don’t even want to think about it. Will the gold medal of the team tournament be taken away? Disqualified for several months, maybe years? Will they do something else with the future of the most talented figure skater of the last decades? ..

In the month since the Olympics, the country has not thought about it. But Camilla hardly had the opportunity to forget for a day everything that happened in Beijing. But it’s great that she didn’t forget to smile during that time.


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