Terrible fall of the star Russian figure skater. She collapsed from a great height and beat off her head

Nikita Katsalapov did not keep Victoria Sinitsina. An unexpected mistake made the audience hold on to their hearts.

Severe falls and severe injuries in ice dancing are much less common than in sports couples. And even more so – when it comes to demonstrations, not international tournaments, where athletes often have to take risks. But to avoid mistakes completely, alas, not even professionals can.

Two-time Olympic champion, world and European champion Nikita Katsalapov severely dropped Victoria Sinitsina during a performance on the show. The moment looked scary, but Vika, despite the bruises, heroically continued to rent.

How much strength in this fragile figure skater!

“Sport – it hurts”

An unpleasant situation occurred at the gala show “Ice Age” in St. Petersburg, where the audience was addressed by participants of the TV project, as well as stars of figure skating and show business.

Among the participants were the champions of the 2022 Games in the team tournament and silver medalists of the dancers’ competitions Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov. The announcement of the show promised that the duo will demonstrate not only “exceptional skill”, but also a brilliant “ability to feel a partner.” But if the couple really had no problems with these components, then the athletes did not seem ready for the rental conditions.

During one of the supports Nikita did not hold Victoria – and she fell from a great height, hit hard on the ice. Probably, the reason for the misfire was the unusual lighting for the skaters – the rental took place almost in the dark.

Sinitsina’s fall looked horrible, but the athlete didn’t seem to notice the pain. The skater instantly got up, turned around, and continued the number. After the show, Victoria told her subscribers about the episode: it turned out that the girl’s sports instinct helped her react to the trouble.

“My good ones!” I’m fine! Don’t worry. She beat off only her elbow, back and head. But all is well. I jumped up quickly and didn’t even realize what had happened! I want to see from the side. Sport – it hurts, – Sinitsina concluded.

It remains to wish Vicki good health and hope that the injuries will not prevent her from resting after a busy season and start preparing for the next one.

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