Teymur Rajabov and Jan Nepomnyashchiy drew in the 3rd round of the 2022 Chess Tournament

Angelina Nikolaeva

Jan Nepomnyashchy completed the first three-day game series of the 2022 Challenger Tournament. After three rounds, he remains the leader.

The next time the participants of the tournament will meet is on June 21. Alireza Firuja will be the opponent of Nepomnyashchi in the fourth round.

Angelina Nikolaeva

Draw in the game Nepomnyashchiy – Rajabov

The party of Jan Nepomnyashchy and Teymur Rajabov ended rather quickly. The chess players agreed to a draw.

Thus, after the first three rounds, Jan Nepomnyashchy has 2 points. The Russian defeated the Chinese chess player in the first round and drew with Caruana and Rajabov.

Angelina Nikolaeva

Draw in the game Nepomnyashchiy – Rajabov!

Angelina Nikolaeva

By the way, in all three parties, except for the party of Lizhen and Rapport, the computer evaluates the positions as equal.

Angelina Nikolaeva

Almost all the figures Nepomnyashchiy and Rajabov exchanged. Will they draw?

Angelina Nikolaeva

According to the computer, after 16 moves in the game Nepomnyashchiy – Rajabov complete equality.

Angelina Nikolaeva

Rajabov thought again, he had spent almost 30 minutes, Nepomnyashchiy – 5 minutes for 12 moves.

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Rajabov has been thinking for 10 minutes longer than the Unremembered.

Angelina Nikolaeva

Meanwhile, at the next game table, Caruana started again. As in the game with the Unremembered, the American does not waste time thinking.

Angelina Nikolaeva

Position after five moves.

Angelina Nikolaeva

Catalan origins in the Nepomnyashchiy-Rajabov party.

Angelina Nikolaeva

Unmemorable today plays black. Rajabov starts the game with a move to d4.

Angelina Nikolaeva

There are a few minutes left before the start of the third round!

Angelina Nikolaeva

Jan Nepomnyaschiy and Teymur Rajabov before the 2022 contenders’ tournament, they met at the chess table four times.

In one of these games, the winner was Rajabov, the other three meetings ended in a draw.

Angelina Nikolaeva

The draw game of Nepomnyashchei and Caruana in the second round allowed both chess players to retain the lead in the tournament of contenders. During the game, Ian found himself in a difficult situation, but still managed to draw.

“Championship” has prepared a review of the game of the Unremembered with Caruana in the second round.

The American is not iron.  We understand how Jan Nepomnyashchiy pulled out the party with Caruana
The American is not iron. We understand how Jan Nepomnyashchiy pulled out the party with Caruana

Angelina Nikolaeva

Pairs of the third round

In the third round Unmemorable will play with Teymur Rajabovwho played a draw with Firuja, and in the second round lost to Nakamura.

Ding Lizhen (China) – Richard Raport (Romania);
Fabiano Caruana (USA) – Jan Krzysztof Duda (Poland);
Teymur Rajabov (Azerbaijan) – Jan Nepomnyashchiy (Russia);
Alireza Firuja (France) – Hikaru Nakamura (USA).

Angelina Nikolaeva

Yang Nepomnyashchiy started the chess tournament with the defeat of Chinese chess player Ding Lizhen. Fabiano Caruana also won in the first round, with whom Nepomnyashi drew in the second round.

Thus, after two rounds, Nepomnyashchiy and Caruana are the leaders of the tournament. On the account of each one and a half points.

Will the Unremembered come out on top in today?

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