“Thanks to the Russian boys!” The United States thanks the hockey gods for players from Russia

Tarasenko, Barbashev and Buchnevich make St. Louis the most Russian club in the NHL. And admire the fans

Which NHL club depends most on Russian players? Until recently, the answer to this question seemed obvious and unquestionable. Of course, “Washington” has historically been like this. However, this season is different. “Capital” are stuck on the verge of the playoffs, and the performance of Alexander Ovechkin and Yevgeny Kuznetsov has little effect on the success of the team.

Meanwhile, “Washington” is playing with Russian players with varying degrees of success, “St. Louis” is flourishing precisely thanks to our compatriots. Vladimir Tarasenko’s team continues to strengthen its leading position in the Western Conference – the Blues won a major home victory over Arizona – 5: 1, which became their fourth in the last five matches.

Russian hockey players helped to score two points in this match, with four goals out of five.

St. Louis is the best club for Russians

Vladimir Tarasenko, Pavel Buchnevich and Ivan Barbashev / Photo: © Scott Rovak / Contributor / National Hockey League /

Pavel Buchnevich’s scoring abilities were revealed in “St. Louis”. Pavel scored 57 (24 + 33) points in 60 games in this regular season – the best result in his entire NHL career. As part of the Blues, the Russian is spending his first season, before that he was a Rangers player. In New York, Buchnevich also delighted fans with his stable performance, but it seemed that he was not able to reach his full potential.

Pavel is a strong two-sided forward who feels comfortable in defense and can support a counterattack. The Rangers are sharpened for an open combination game and often the Blue Shirts forget about defense. With such tactics, Buchnevich could not show himself in full and sometimes got lost in the positional draw.

In “St. Louis”, Paul quickly adjusted to the defensive scheme of the “blues”, so with unprecedented ease he is gaining points – Buchnevich is closer than ever to the schedule of “points per match”.

Another Russian, for whom the current regular season has become the best in all respects, is Ivan Barbashev. The forward has never been very productive – his best result is 26 points. This season Barbashev has 68 matches and 49 (22 + 27) points. At the same time, the striker has never managed to score more than 20 goals per regular season in his overseas career.

The main Russian star of “St. Louis” – Vladimir Tarasenko, who until recently had a difficult relationship with the club. Tarasenko even wanted to leave the team before this season. The reasons for changing the club’s residence permit for the Russian were good – the mistakes of team doctors and the lack of a well-deserved captain’s stripe. However, all conflicts were resolved and this season Tarasenko made his name in the history of the club – Vladimir became the fifth player of “St. Louis”, who scored 500 points.

Fans of the “bluesmen” thank the hockey gods for staying at the club and with other Russians brings victory to the team. In the match against Arizona, they destroyed the Coyotes in the second period.

Russians defeat Arizona

Barbashev began to upset the guests, who was the first on the puck that bounced off the goalkeeper and sent it into the empty corner without resistance. A minute later Tarasenko supported his colleague – the Russian was handed over from behind the gate, and he immediately threw. Buchnevich also took part in this goal attack, recording a goal assist.

“Arizona” did not wake up even after two quick goals and could not oppose the hosts – until the end of the second period, the “blues” were able to upset the opponent twice more. First, Braden Shann did it, realizing the majority. Buchnevich then showed that he is an excellent defensive forward, and scored in the minority.

The third period also started with an abandoned puck, but this time the plot changed and the “coyotes” differed. However, there was no hope left from the nascent and in the middle of the final 20 minutes, when Tarasenko made a double. And Vladimir’s goal turned out to be similar to his first puck – he also threw from the penny and also from Buchnevich’s pass.

As a result, “St. Louis” beat the outsider from the last line of the Western Conference – 5: 1. And fans of the “blues” were delighted with the game of the Russians.

– I am so happy for our Russian boys! Thanks to them, – writes @ nik0roo

– Thank the hockey gods that Vladi did not leave the club this summer, – rejoices gm_marks

– I really hope that Tarasenko will want to stay here for a long time, – writes -CryptoGolfers

The Russian players have really done a lot to make St. Louis one of the leaders of the Western Conference. In the match against “Arizona”, they once again demonstrated this. If the fans after the victory over the outsiders are delighted with our compatriots, it is difficult to imagine how they will react to their success in the playoffs. However, the wait is very short.

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