The American said that gaming headphones saved his life – the headband stopped a mad bullet. Editorial articles

Razer contacted the victim and promised to donate the same headset.

An 18-year-old Reddit user nicknamed Enough_Dance_956 reported the incident. According to him, he was at home and playing at the computer, when a bullet flew into the window and hit the headphones, and then bounced off the wall. The editor said he was not injured, but he had a severe headache for several days.

Some Reddit participants questioned the veracity of the story, in part because the author published it on April 1. However, in response, the gamer shared photos showing that the bullet hit a window and a wall. He also published a photo of the bullet itself, which he said was confiscated by police.

On the other hand, many, on the contrary, believed in history, paying attention to detail. Yes, the network noticed that the hole from the bullet is not only in the glass itself, but also in the mosquito net.

PC Gamer contacted Razer, which confirmed that this is not a “draw until April 1.” The company assured that they have nothing to do with this position. Razer representatives contacted the victim and asked him to replace the headset. Ming-Liang Tang is also the chairman of the company I wrote in his twitter that this is a crazy story, but he is glad that the young man is fine.

It is unclear under what circumstances the shot was fired. The police department of the city of Torrance in California has not yet commented on the incident.

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