The apartment rental market in Moscow has collapsed: “Let’s rent at least with a crocodile”

Over the past month, the apartment rental market has faltered so much that picky homeowners have stopped picking their noses and decided to give up their principles. Now it is much easier to rent an apartment to the owner of three cats, and a large company, and a family with a baby. Landlords are ready to turn a blind eye to any “inconvenient factors”: if only someone had stopped by.

According to realtors and real estate sites, now in the capital, the number of apartments offered for rent has increased by almost 80% compared to February-March last year. The number of proposals stating that it is possible to settle with children and pets has increased by about the same percentage. Over the past month, the number of rental offers in major Russian cities has increased by almost 25%.

– I notice that those owners who used to make strict demands on tenants (without children, without animals, no more than two people, etc.), have already removed this mark when re-submitting the ad, – said “MK” realtor Ivan. – For example, one of my elderly clients was always very respectful of her apartment, worried that the tenants were tidy, because she was well invested in repairs.

In March, the guests left, I put up an apartment, and it hung on the site for a week – no one called. Finally, a young couple with three cats was found, and I persuaded my grandmother to make concessions and hand over the apartment to the cat owners. Now is not the time to scatter the residents. But a year ago, more than half of potential tenants received refusals: did not meet the requirements of the owner.

Another realtor, Marina, also confirmed that there are almost no denials to potential tenants.

– Several clients asked me to rent their apartments because they plan to move with their families to Montenegro. Two more have already moved to Kazakhstan in March. All of them, by the way, work remotely. But so far only one departing person has managed to rent an apartment. He is an IT specialist, has a wife and children, housing – in the prestigious area of ​​Krylatskoye. He said: “Find me anyone, even with children, even with a dog, even with a crocodile – just to pass.” His mother will receive money for him in Moscow. He said that he did not need Russian rubles in Europe, but she would be helped.

But as for the “non-Slavs” and foreigners in general, this point, as realtors say, in the rental offers are not removed. And this is not discrimination on the basis of nationality.

– Not everyone knows this, but if the apartment is occupied by tenants from Central Asian republics, the owner must register them, – explained “MK” realtor Elena. – Now property owners have begun to take it more seriously. They fear that law enforcement agencies will now become more likely to reveal such facts. In general, the owners still have a stupor towards visitors, but if there is no demand, I think they will come to not refuse foreigners. So far, according to my observations, since the beginning of March, the demand for real estate has fallen by ten percent.

Now in Moscow, according to realtors, more than 20 thousand apartments are available. The situation is aggravated not only by the fact that the owners leaving abroad rushed to hand over their Moscow housing. Free square meters and tenants who have lived in the capital for many years.

In Moscow, according to experts, it is more difficult to rent an apartment in the South-Eastern District. And the South-Western district and Zelenograd are popular: apparently, clean air plays a role.

However, it is necessary to talk about the popularity of prestigious areas of Moscow with a reservation. Tenants move out of elite residential complexes even more actively than from ordinary apartments. First, foreigners working in Moscow and deciding to return home leave their homes. Secondly, their example was followed by some wealthy Muscovites who have bank accounts or relatives abroad and decided that it is better to wait for hard times there. Third, expensive apartments have left those whose incomes have become less large enough to rent luxury housing. Former bigwigs are moving to more modest locations.

– I notice an interesting trend: for those who rent an apartment, now the size of living space is not important at all, – says realtor Elena. – Now the main thing is a beautiful fashion situation. Therefore, the studio is often rented for the same money as a full-fledged odnushku. And, of course, the proximity of the metro station or ICC is important. Such apartments are now easier to rent.

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