The authors of Diablo IV talked about graphics and visualization.

Blizzard released another quarterly development report Diablo IV. This time it was dedicated to graphics and visualizations – from lighting and surroundings to props and interactive elements. Gathered the main thing from the blog below.

The developers tried to make the Sanctuary, the world of Diablo IV, more gloomy and authentic than in previous games in the series. Landmark – plausibility, but not realism. Players will be able to explore five different regions and hundreds of dungeons where monsters and hidden valuables are hidden.

Shoglena shore

Surrounding artists tried to convey the image of the wild coast and untamed capes, where danger is awaited at every turn, and corpses rot on uncomfortable beaches.

The atmosphere of the place is reminiscent of highlands and swamps. All the buildings on this shore are built of improvised materials, and the inhabitants themselves are engaged in fishing.

Many elements of props, such as ships, fishing nets – dynamic. All sunken scenery is interactive or collapsing.

Orbey Monastery

Isolated and remote monument in the depths of the Dry Steppes. In this region, the authors worked with the idea of ​​dusty meadows with liquid vegetation, and also created a biome of salt marshes with blue alkaline lakes and bright geothermal springs.

Forgotten treasures are hidden in the ruins of an abandoned monastery, and outside it, players will have to fight with the indigenous people of the region.


A military settlement with a depressing atmosphere, steep stone walls built around the perimeter, and a deep moat.

Kyoshad is divided into many districts with its own scenery. The interior buildings are made of pine boards and birch shingles. The developers tried to make the settlement alive and cozy with warm and earthy tones.

Sanctuary dungeon

The dungeons in Diablo IV will also be created randomly. At the same time, new interesting features help to create even more dungeons – more than 150.

To do this, the way of designing the environment was changed – it became more flexible. Below in the video are several types of scenery, as well as their modification with props, interactive elements and lighting.

Forgotten places of the world

The type of scenery that illustrates the principle of “return to darkness”. The developers have presented a deep dungeon with mysterious and disgusting damage. Everything inside is maintained in a mysterious and eerie style, and the scenery, such as twitching spider legs, is both intriguing and disturbing.

Much attention is paid to the scale, depth and contours of the game area. The dungeons should seem endless, as if only a small part of a huge labyrinth had been explored.

Ugly caves

This is a secret resting place for druids, captured by demons. In the dungeon you can find a large number of items of Druid culture, such as talismans and amulets.

Flooded depths

In the video, the authors demonstrated the function of points of change of types of scenery, which help to combine two different types of scenery in one dungeon.

The hero moves from the floor of the well-preserved fortress, deep into the half-ruined dungeon, where the drowned became stronger. The gloomy and sinister corridors of the tower will gradually change to rotten sea tones.

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