The authors of “Very strange things” “caused a scandal” on Netflix due to the leak of spoilers for the fourth season of “Monopoly” – Movies and TV series on DTF

The creators of the series did not know that the details of the plot will appear in the board game under license.

Details about the events of the fourth season of “Strange Affairs” were online in mid-April, more than a month before the release of new episodes.

Someone who got the official thematic version of “Monopoly” before the start of sales on the grounds of the continuation of the show, published a photo of playing cards online. They described various situations from unreleased series – from scenes that do not speak too much out of context, to key moments of the plot and hints at the fate of the central characters.

Although it is not entirely clear how the game got to those who “merged” the photo online, most likely it is a mistake on the part of sellers or their suppliers. Users themselves claim that they simply bought “Monopoly” in a local supermarket.

According to sources in The Hollywood Reporter close to Netflix, the company’s management was extremely unhappy with what happened, but Matt and Ross Duffer, creators and showrunners of “Very Strange Things” reacted especially sharply to the “leak”. The authors have long tried to keep the details of the plot secret, and, according to THR, “staged a big scandal.” The situation was aggravated by the fact that the Duffers were not aware of what products Netflix was going to release for their show, and no one consulted with them about the merchandise.

Insiders have noted that Strange Affairs has become such a major brand for online cinema that the number of different promotional campaigns is increasing with each season and it is becoming more difficult for management to control all the details of transactions. Perhaps, with proper control, critical spoilers to the plot and would not miss for “so”.

Now the lesson has been learned, and I believe that in the case of the fifth season, all departments will work more smoothly.

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The first part of the fourth season of “Very Strange Things” will be released on Netflix on May 27. The remaining episodes of the season, which will be the penultimate for the series, will be released on July 1.

The final episode of the fourth season of “Very Strange Things” will be one of the longest in the series – more than two hours

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Although the record time may surpass in the final season.

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