The big leak from Naughty Dog announces a multi-user spin-off of The Last of Us and a new fantasy IP


The leak revealed new details about the upcoming multiplayer game The Last of Us, as well as the next sequel. It’s been almost two years since The Last of Us Part 2 was released, and the developers from Naughty Dog have yet to launch the multi-user mode they originally promised. Although the studio has announced that the predicted mode has become a separate multi-user spin-off, fans still find the remnants of multiplayer The Last of Us 2 in the game files.

The multi-user Factions mode in the first part of The Last of Us was quite popular. Factions allows players to choose one of two factions and then take part in several types of online matches, collecting points either to upgrade their own weapons and armor, or to convert to reserves for the respective faction at the end of each match. Fans of this game mode hoped that it would return to The Last of Us 2, but it did not happen.

In a series of tweets, Oops Leaks claims that Naughty Dog planned to create The Last of Us’s Battle Royale, but eventually transformed it into something that is a mix of Escape from Tarkov and Ubisoft’s The Division, and some elements will be taken from The Last of Us’s Factions. The new online game will have a “single user” experience, will be free and will be released on PlayStation 5 as the flagship game of live service. It is said to be the first of ten games planned for the PlayStation. Oops Leaks also claims that the script for The Last of Us Part 3 is ready, but Naughty Dog is now busy working on other projects, including the aforementioned online game The Last of Us and a brand new IP that will be a single-player fantasy game.

While Oops Leaks predicts that a new spin-off will be announced this year with a release date in 2023, another leak claims that the multiplayer game will appear in 2022 along with the upcoming remake of The Last of Us. It is also possible that the release of the spin-off will to some extent coincide with the release of the TV series, which is scheduled to air next year.

List of sources:

  • TLOU Online Game – is described as a mix of Tarkov and Division with additional modes inspired by the original Factions MP. Experience a single game in an online game. F2P first on PS5 followed by PC release.
  • The Last of Us Part III – there is nothing but official statements from the studio, the script is ready, but the studio is absorbed in the development of the above projects. It is possible that development will begin sooner than expected due to the expansion of the studio.
  • A new franchise in a fantasy setting is being developed. Neil Drakman is not involved in the development.

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