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The Presnensky court in Moscow sentenced the infamous blogger Eduard Bill, accused of an accident on the Garden Ring in April last year, to a year and two months in a general regime penal colony. Several people were seriously injured then, and one victim was taken to the intensive care unit. It is worth noting that this is Mr. Bill’s second sentence. For the first time, he was given only a restriction of liberty, which did not suit the prosecutor’s office.

Eduard Biel arrived at the sentencing party accompanied by his lawyer Alexander Nikitin. The blogger was light, apparently not counting on a real sentence. The fact that the verdict will not only be indictment, but will end with the appointment of a real term of imprisonment for the defendant, became clear the day before during the debate, when the prosecutor asked for a year and four months in prison.

The current process is the second in a row. For the first time, the case of Edward Bill was considered in a special way, and given the admission of guilt, the defendant was sentenced only to restriction of liberty. But this categorically did not suit not only the prosecutor, but also the capital’s public. Many at the time were outraged on social media that the person who seriously injured the driver, Maria Artemova, an employee of the State Duma, who received numerous fractures and injuries, did not bear serious responsibility before the law and society. At the same time, many noted that Edward Biel continues to lead a normal life, while Mrs. Artemova has become disabled and can only move with the help of crutches. By the way, in the near future the woman will have a complex and expensive operation to replace the joints with artificial ones.

However, during the debate last Friday, the blogger said that he reached a compromise with the victim, paying her 11 million rubles. And in court it turned out that he pays Ms. Artemova 200-250 thousand a month. rubles, and also compensated her for non-pecuniary damage in the amount of 3 million rubles. However, this circumstance did not appeal to the prosecutor. Speaking in the debate, she asked Edward Bill for a real term of imprisonment in order to “correct the long immoral and immoral behavior” of the defendant, who systematically violated the speed limit, which led to serious consequences.

It took about an hour for the verdict to be announced, and the blogger was sentenced to one year and two months in a maximum security penal colony. Also at the request of the prosecutor, he was deprived of the right to drive for three years after his release.

He was directly found guilty under Part 1 of Article. 264 of the Criminal Code (violation of traffic rules, causing serious harm to human health). At the same time, the judge emphasized that the appointment of a real term of imprisonment for Edward Bill is necessary “for the sake of social justice”, as “correction of the defendant in another way can not be achieved.”

During the sentencing, the blogger did not say a word and looked depressed. When he heard about the appointment of a real term, he even looked around helplessly. But at that moment the escorts handcuffed the convict.

As soon as he left the court, lawyer Nikitin told reporters that he would definitely appeal the verdict, as he considered “it is not his punishment that is unfair, but the punishment itself.” “How can we talk about justice if he (Edward Bill.” “B”) There are two small children left, – the defender was indignant. – The son is three months old and the daughter is four years old. He is dependent on his civil wife and other relatives. In particular, the grandmother who raised him alone, and he always supported and supports her. What is social justice here? Who will find it easier to be imprisoned if he pleads guilty from day one! ”

At the same time, the lawyer clarified that taking into account the term served by the client under the restriction of certain actions, the blogger will spend only six months behind bars.

As Kommersant reported, the accident that led to the prosecution and imprisonment of Eduard Bill occurred on April 1, 2021 on Novinsky Boulevard, a section of the Garden Ring in central Moscow. Then he, accelerating in his sports Audi to 115 km / h, flew into the oncoming lane, smashing five cars. The driver of one of them, Maria Artemova, was taken to the intensive care unit.

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