The Canadian vilely attacked the Russian hockey player from behind. The American finished off lying down

Ilya Lyubushkin from “Toronto” got a hard time in the NHL match. He could not continue the match.

Hockey is rightly called a men’s sport. The notion of honor is valued here and the vast majority of players try to behave appropriately. And someone should hit the opponent from behind or finish off the lying one, as the label “rat” is immediately glued to it.

This is the reputation confirmed by the Canadian player Taylor Hall, when he treated our Ilya Lyubushkin in a vile way.

And the Americans are no better!

Pure power is an impure answer

The NHL regular season game between Boston and Toronto was important to both teams. Now they are next in the standings and are fighting for a better position in the playoff zone. No wonder the hockey players came out charged for every inch of ice. Violent clashes and removals poured out of the horn of plenty from the first minutes.

At one point in the second period, Russian Maple Leafs defender Ilya Lyubushkin, famous for his tough (but not dirty) style of play, held a power reception at Canadian striker Taylor Hall. The forward, not holding on to his skates, fell to the ice.

It immediately became clear that the player did not receive any injuries. He literally jumped up at the same moment and rushed at the Russian, who was driving calmly to his gate. Ilya did not suspect anything and was with his back to the opponent, but this did not prevent Hall from first hitting the Russian in the back of the head, and then pushing him in the back so that Ilya began to fall.

Ilya Lyubushkin / Photo: © REUTERS / Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Three against one

Lyubushkin’s powerful use of force did not leave indifferent another Boston player, Brandon Carlo. The Bruins defender jumped up to the already falling Ilya and “helped” him to fall harder on the ice. And when the Russian had already fallen, hitting his head, the American also stabbed him in the back of the head with a gaiter, apparently so that life would not seem like honey. Boston striker Charlie Coyle also secretly managed to take part in the episode. Coming out of the penalty area, he put a step on Ilya with his stick. It was impossible to stay on your feet in such a situation.

The fall of the Toronto defender probably failed. Immediately after the episode, the player was escorted by medical staff to the podium. Lyubushkin no longer appeared on the ice. His playing time barely passed in 8 minutes.

The Bostonians received a decent response from the “maple leaves”. The Canadian team realized the removal received by Hall and won. And “Boston” only confirmed the reputation of one of the dirtiest and most unpleasant teams in the league. It is a pity that the Russian hockey player suffered from this.

NHL. Regular championship

Boston Bruins (Boston) – Toronto Maple Leafs (Toronto) – 4: 6 (1: 3, 1: 3, 2: 0)

Goals: Pastor, 5:59 (bol.). DeBrasque, 38:19. Lazarus, 53:02. Hall, 57:38. – Blackwell, 5:09. Riley, 9:43. Kerfut, 18:44. Marner, 28:28. Matthews, 36:00 (bol.). Kampf, 36:47.

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