the changed Malakhov returned to television with a new show

The TV presenter will communicate with artists and discuss creativity.

In late February, the leadership of the federal channels decided to change the broadcasting network – entertainment programs replaced news and news programs. Ivan Urgant’s evening show on Channel One was officially paused. Soon, journalist Ksenia Sobchak, citing her source in the editorial office, said that the program was closed altogether. Against this background, it became known that Urgant had left Russia – the TV presenter flew to Israel, which provoked new rumors. This time about emigration.

Although Ivan asked the audience not to panic, as he is just on vacation, not everyone believed his words. The other day Ivan’s father Andrei Urgant clarified the situation. Outraged by the rumors, the man said that his son had already returned to Moscow and was spending time with his family, and in the plan.

TV presenter Andrei Malakhov, unlike his colleagues, did not leave Russia, but there are still many rumors about the TV presenter. In recent years, he hosted the scandalous talk show “Live” on the channel Russia-1, but in late February, the program was suddenly removed from the broadcast network. The Internet immediately linked the closing of the talk show with Malakhov’s departure, as the TV presenter himself did not comment on the management’s decision. Users also did not rule out the version that Andrei is seriously ill and will no longer be able to participate in the filming.

It soon became clear that the TV presenter was not leaving the channel – Malakhov, tired of scandals and intrigue, returned to TV and presented a new family program “Songs of the Heart”, where invited performers will sing live, dance and discuss creativity. Judging by Andrei’s behavior in the new issue, he is delighted with the new show – in the end he started dancing with other guests.

Blogger Lena Miro has already commented on the news of Malakhov’s return. In her blog, she spoke sarcastically about the TV presenter’s attempt to continue working.

“Are you short of DNA tests on weekdays and some weekend get-togethers with Malakhov? Here’s more, get it and sign up. Andrei, when will you say “goodbye”? Haven’t you earned anything else in your old age? ” – She turned to the leading blogger.

It will be recalled that rumors of Malakhov’s serious illness arose due to changes in his appearance. Andrei noticeably gained weight, and his hairstyle also changed. Presumably he is wearing a wig. The specialist, who was allegedly approached by the TV presenter, said that his body had encountered a viral disease. The specialist also noted that the TV presenter can diagnose with high accuracy the syndrome, which most likely developed due to cell destruction, including tumors. This is indicated by the results of research conducted by Andrew. According to the data, one of the indicators exceeds the norm by 100 times.


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