the clock frequency will be 2250 MHz and the heat output will be 175 W.


In the official presentation video of Intel Arc Control, 3DCenter reviewed the specifications of the discrete desktop graphics processor, which were shown in an instant.

Arc Control is Intel’s new software for monitoring desktop discrete graphics processors Arc Alchemist and Xe Iris. The presentation introduces various features of the new software, including a new Performance tab for GPU monitoring and some basic overclocking features.

Data such as GPU power or core and memory frequencies will be displayed through Arc Control software, or through the built-in screen overlay that can be included in games. Intel has repeatedly shown this tab in the video, but for just a second we see specifications that do not correspond to any mobile graphics processor Arc, which was announced a few days ago.

According to these two screenshots, the video CPU frequencies reach from 2200 to 2250 MHz with GPU load over 99%. Therefore, it is safe to assume that this is the acceleration frequency on the new Intel Xe-HPG core.

GPU frequencies with value 2.2 GHz most likely will be on laptop chips. Geekbench data show that the Arc A350M GPU can reach a similar frequency during the OpenCL test. Officially, the clock speed of this GPU is 1150 MHz, so it will be the base frequency, and with acceleration – 2.2 GHz.

The Arc Control video most likely shows a PC graphics processor because power is 175 Tue. None of the mobile chips provided by Intel have such high power. Only the Arc A770M is claimed with maximum power 150 W, but theoretically it can reach a higher bar, thanks to Intel Deep Link technology (which unlocks CPU power for GPUs not used as NVIDIA Dynamic Boost technology).

Other components of the card still use even more power, so the whole card can easily consume more 200 W., notes 3DCenter. We do not yet know whether the power of the Intel GPU takes into account the memory subsystem. However, this chip power leaked some time ago, typical of the SOC1 graphics processor (ACM-G10) for desktops.

It should be noted that there is a difference between power indicators: total graphics power (TGP), heat dissipation requirements for the cooling systemTDP) or GPU power of the video cardGPU), but the details of the implementation of these indicators Intel has not yet been confirmed after the release of desktop graphics processors Arc.

In addition, the 1093 MHz video memory clock speed suggests that we see effective bandwidth 17.5 Gbps , and the fastest mobile graphics processor has 16 Gbps. Memory speeds for mobile GPUs are highly unlikely, so this may confirm that the Arc desktop card will not be weaker than the GeForce RTX 3070 (14 Gbps).

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