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The coach of the Ukrainian national team criticized the idea of ​​a “gifted” ticket to the World Cup in Qatar

Alexander Petrakov believes that his team should get to the tournament on a sports basis. “Gifted” exit to the World Cup? <...> Personally, I am against, you need to play, “said the coach

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The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Alexander Petrakov in an interview with “Football News” said that his team should get a ticket to the World Cup on their own, and not count on the fact that it will be invited to the tournament bypassing the rules.

In the qualifying tournament for the 2022 World Cup, Ukraine took second place in Group D and got into the butt mini-tournament, the winner of which will receive a ticket to the championship in Qatar. Petrakov’s wards were supposed to play away against the Scots in late March, but the game was postponed to June due to a Russian military special operation in Ukraine. The winner of the match Scotland – Ukraine will argue with Wales for the right to reach the final part of the World Cup.

“We told everyone what we would do, how our affairs would go in the selection for the World Cup. UEFA will tell us what number we will play in June. We discussed everything, we have a full understanding of the situation, but I will not say what we will do next, “Petrakov said (quoted by

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In an article for The Telegraph last week, journalist Jim White called on Wales and Scotland to give Ukraine a place at the World Cup. In his opinion, such a step would show how much both countries are able to support the state, which is in a difficult situation. “For Wales and Scotland to stay away would be one of the most impressive gestures in the history of sport. If you sacrifice your goals and ambitions to promote and single someone else out, it will evoke sincere and lasting respect, ”he wrote.

Later, the leader of the Ukrainian national team Andrei Yarmolenko, who plays for London’s West Ham at the club level, said that it would be wrong to give the Ukrainian team a place at the 2022 World Cup without a fight. “I heard that our team is being offered to go directly to the World Cup, but I think it’s wrong. We must achieve this right ourselves and fight for victory, ”the footballer said. He added that the one who will be stronger on the football field, and will have to go to Qatar.

“Gifted” exit to the World Cup? I fully support Yarmolenko. We have to play, get this ticket. I speak only for myself. There is also the president, the UAF executive committee [Украинская ассоциация футбола]. But personally I am against, we need to play, “said the coach.

The World Cup in Qatar will be the 22nd. The tournament will take place from November 21 to December 18, 2022. 29 participants of the competition have already been determined, three more teams will receive vouchers in June.


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