The Commercial Bank of Kyrgyzstan has offered to receive Visa Gold cards in Moscow

The Commercial Bank of Kyrgyzstan (CBC) is ready to issue Visa Gold cards to Russian citizens working abroad, Kommersant reports, citing the CBC office in Moscow. The cost of registration is 17,500 rubles.

According to the publication, Russians, having a passport with them, can apply to the bank’s representative office in Moscow. It is also necessary to have (or issue on the spot) a notarized power of attorney to represent interests in the bank, open accounts and obtain cards for a certain citizen of Kyrgyzstan.

After that, the representative office transfers the data to the parent bank – first a virtual Visa Gold card is opened, the bank’s application is downloaded to the client’s office so that he can already pay. Real name plastic is delivered within five days. The cost of the service is 17,500 rubles. After activating the card, the specified amount must be transferred to the card by phone number via Sberbank, Tinkoff, Kiwi.

Formally, no sanctions prohibit foreign banks from opening accounts with Russian citizens, but there is always a risk of secondary sanctions. According to lawyers interviewed by Kommersant, the scheme is fraught with risks for both cardholders and banks. “Opening a power of attorney account is allowed, legalization of this power of attorney is not required under the Hague Convention,” said Galina Hamburg. . The lawyers also clarified that the tax service of the Russian Federation must be notified about opening an account abroad.

Earlier it became known that a number of Russian tour operators have begun to offer their customers tours to Central Asia and the Caucasus in order to issue local bank cards. According to Vedomosti interlocutors, such a product appeared at Russian Express and Vedi Group. Negotiations with local partners on the organization of the service is conducted by “Intourist”. They add that other tour operators and online services have begun to receive similar requests from their customers.

Visa and Mastercard previously announced the termination of work in Russia on March 10 due to a special operation in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions. Cards of these systems issued by Russian banks do not work abroad, but continue to operate in Russia. Several major banks have said they have made their cards indefinite because they can no longer issue new cards from international systems.


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