The court found Navalny guilty of fraud

The Lefortovo court in Moscow announces the verdict against Alexei Navalny in the case of fraud and insult of a judge. The court hearing is taking place in a penal colony in the city of Pokrov, Vladimir region, where the politician is serving his sentence in the so-called Yves Rocher case.

Navalny’s team broadcasts the meeting live on YouTube.

Judge Margarita Kotova said in the first words that Navalny had committed fraud, so the verdict would be guilty.

About 100 journalists came to announce the verdict. They are in the broadcasting halls. They were not allowed to attend the meeting, although in the past any accredited journalist could go there as a listener, if he passes the inspection and puts the equipment into storage, Mediazona reports.

Earlier, the state prosecution asked the court to sentence Alexei Navalny to 13 years in a maximum security prison and a fine of 1.2 million rubles. The defense demanded that Navalny be acquitted.

The prosecution considers it fraudulent to collect donations to the accounts of the Anti-Corruption Foundation founded by Navalny (now recognized by the Russian authorities as extremist and banned) and to the personal accounts of a number of Navalny’s associates (criminal proceedings have also been instituted against them, but they are abroad). “The funds were collected for a deliberately unfeasible goal – the nomination of Navalny to the presidency of the Russian Federation,” – the prosecutor said in court the essence of the allegations of fraud. However, of the tens of thousands of people who sacrificed to Navalny and the FBK, only four are listed as victims in the case – and not all of them supported the accusation during the trial.

Navalny does not admit his guilt, considering the case political. During the hearings on the cases of Navalny, Judge Margarita Kotova called the employee of the presidential administration Yevgeny Vladimirov, says Ivan Zhdanov, an associate of the politician, who had details of the judge’s calls. Navalny himself, speaking in the debate, read the dates and exact times of these calls, and suggested that the trial over him is managed in the administration.

The oppositionist again expressed the opinion that the case was fabricated, noted that for the murder in Russia on average given less time than 13 years, which was requested for him, and said that he “does not care” what the sentence will be: “At least 113 years ask and come on. You don’t scare me. “

In his last words, Navalny spoke out against the war in Ukraine, accusing it of unleashing Russian rule, and also said that the FBK would not stop working, but “become global.”

  • The opposition, his supporters and many human rights groups see Navalny’s prosecution as political.


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