The court sentenced the mother of the “girl from the closet”

Now Polina is being raised by her grandmother

Photo: Alexey BULATOV

Karpin City Court has announced the verdict of Yulia Zykova, a mother of many children, who became “famous” all over the country when friends found an exhausted baby in her closet. The terrible find was discovered in October 2020, the girl was more like a living skeleton. In critical condition, the child was taken by helicopter to Ekaterinburg, where doctors managed to get the girl out.


As it turned out, Zykova gave birth to Polina in April. But the birth of her third child was carefully concealed. Only her 13-year-old son helped her take care of the baby. And Julia’s four-year-old daughter often told the educators that she had a “living doll” living at home. But no one in kindergarten believed that.

Only a happy coincidence saved Pauline from a painful death.

– From April 29 to October 7, 2020, the woman systematically left the newborn in the living room without adult supervision and proper care, without food and water; placed the helpless baby in a sports bag and locked it in a closet, where the child was exposed to the danger of overheating, hypoxia, asphyxia, injuries from falling foreign objects, – say the circumstances of a flagrant crime in the Sverdlovsk prosecutor’s office.

Initially, Julia was charged under the article “Attempted murder of a minor.” But later the composition of the criminal case was reclassified under less severe articles – “Torture”, “Failure to fulfill responsibilities for the upbringing of a minor”, “Intentional infliction of moderate damage to health.”

– During the investigation, the Investigative Committee interrogated a number of witnesses, appointed the necessary examinations, including forensic psychiatric examination of the child’s mother showed that she is sane and aware of the actions taken, – added the senior assistant head of the Sverdlovsk Region. Alexander Shulga.

For six months, Yulia Zykova endangered the baby

For six months, Yulia Zykova endangered the baby

Before the trial, Julia was at large. Of the restrictions, she was only banned from using the Internet, talking to witnesses and leaving the apartment at night. At the time of the investigation, Zykov was restricted in her parental rights to Polina, and her grandmother became her guardian.

The baby was reunited with her family only last August. For nine months she lived in the Ekaterinburg Orphanage. There she was able to gain the necessary weight and began to communicate with other children.

– By nature she is very sociable and emotional. Her upbringing does not bring any problems and difficulties, but only joy and positive emotions, – said “KP-Ekaterinburg” director of the orphanage Maria Freifeld.

Polina spent 9 months in the Orphanage

Polina spent 9 months in the Orphanage

Photo: Alexey BULATOV


On March 28, during the debate, the public prosecutor asked for Zykova to be sentenced to six years in a maximum security prison. And this is taking into account the fact that the maximum punishment for a grieving mother is 7 years in prison.

The Karpin city court sentenced the woman to 5 years in a maximum security penal colony with a fine of 60,000 rubles. But she will serve her sentence only when her middle child (eldest daughter) turns 14. That is, in 10 years.

– When the court verdict comes into force, the issue of deprivation of her parental rights in relation to the youngest girl will be considered. The right to raise an older and middle child will remain, there were no complaints about their upbringing. Therefore, everyone was surprised why she committed a crime against her third child, – explained to “KP-Ekaterinburg” the press secretary of the prosecutor’s office of the Sverdlovsk region Marina Kanatova.


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