The creators of Destiny 2 have stated that they will continue to “get involved in politics”.

Bungie has issued another program statement, and it has nothing to do with games and the process of their creation and development. The company announced its support for reproductive choice, freedom and privacy, and human rights.

The reason was the news that the US Supreme Court is considering the reversal of the decision in the case of “Rowe v. Wade”, which guarantees the constitutional right to abortion. If this happens, full or partial abortion bans could be imposed in 22 US states.

However, not all players liked the gaming company’s attention to important social trends. In the comments, the developers are invited to mention that they are waiting for news about the games. But Bungie said that the company’s values ​​and the lives of its employees exist outside of games.

– You should stop getting involved in politics, it has nothing to do with what you do, neither in business nor in development.
– It has to do with the lives of our employees, and we will never stop.

Imagine a company of such a size that publicly declares that “literally every employee” adheres to the same ideology and then brags about its “diversity.” Working at Bungie and quietly respecting the sanctity of life are completely incompatible

– It’s just sad. You, the gaming company, spend time choosing the side, while you should not be associated with this political nonsense. You make games, your main task is to please people with your games. Not with their thoughts. Seriously, never mind.
– We chose the side, and it was easy. The values ​​of our company are beyond our games.

Bungie has previously publicly advocated for various movements. In particular, in 2020, it released the Black Lives Matter badge and the Be Heard emblem to raise funds for the Equal Justice initiative.

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