The defeat of the Donetsk group of the APU ran into a number of difficulties

– It seems that many times we have heard statements that the APU group in the Donbass is surrounded and is about to be defeated once and for all. Why the shelling of Donetsk continues?

– The group is not surrounded. Therefore, it is possible to supply it in one way or another, transfer reinforcements and, accordingly, feed it. Therefore, its combat capabilities are quite high.

– Where is this group located at the moment?

– This is a whole spot from Marinka and above, to Kramatorsk and Slavyansk. Kramatorsk was the headquarters of the entire anti-terrorist operation, then the Environmental Protection Agency (Joint Forces Operation). This is such a stronghold in the rear, an area with a radius of 100-150 km. On the front of 50 kilometers, and to a depth of 30-60 kilometers.

A very large area, which has been transformed into one continuous system of defense. Accordingly, in this case, each village is turned into a stronghold, and this is done so that it can support the neighbors. That in the event that Russian troops occupy it, it would be possible to continue to defeat it from at least two points.

Therefore, in many videos from there, people complain that the Ukrainian troops did not have time to leave the village, as they began to nail it. In order to stop shooting at the village, it is necessary to liberate at least two more settlements nearby – on the right and on the left. There are no other options.

– What is the number of the Donetsk group of the APU?

– Initially, there were about 75 thousand people, including Mariupol. Then this group was cut in half, that is, some – 15-18 thousand – went to Mariupol, others remained.

All this month, artillery strikes were inflicted on them, and this group was slowly being swept from the flanks, but reinforcements were also transferred there. Therefore, I estimate that 35 to 40 thousand people are currently defending there.

To “dig out” this group is a very serious and big task. So far, it has been largely blocked because there were many other tasks. Now its destruction is becoming a priority and the main task. Therefore, I think that a new phase of the operation will begin in the coming days, and it will be associated with the destruction of this group, but not only it.

Ukraine has drawn up and is drawing up a large enough number of forces not only to the Donetsk group itself, but also by creating a certain defensive configuration from the Dnieper and Kharkiv, including Zaporizhia. That is, they are creating such a large operational area in which they will try to defeat us. And our task will be to dismember and destroy this group. Here are the plans.

– Where does this group “feed” from?

– She is in the so-called “tactical” environment. With the help of aircraft and artillery, we control the roads and strike at them. But we did not surround it with the help of our troops. It is rather not even in the semicircle, but in the form of a “balcony”, which is deeply wedged into the Donbass and reaches even the outskirts of Donetsk. It is still far enough to surround it. Tactically, yes, we control it.

– Is the city of Raisins busy?

– There are fights under Raisins. Roads, main communications and interchanges have been partially cut by us, but there are still enough holes through which the group can be supplied from Kharkiv and the Dnieper.

“Why couldn’t they surround her?”

– Because at the first stage there was a task to “grind” those groups which were blocked in the southern direction, to block and surround Mariupol, to connect with fight and to “grind” the Kiev, Kharkiv groups. That is, there were tasks to inflict a serious military defeat on the main Ukrainian groups.

If we tried to attack Donbass with all our might, we would face a “bicycle chain” that revolved around Donbass, reinforcements would be constantly coming in, and it would be a meat grinder where we could sit for a very long time. Therefore, the task was to isolate this group and at the same time defeat those who could come to its aid. We have basically coped with this task. Now the task is to finally control Mariupol and “grind” the Donbass group.

– Is Mariupol completely surrounded?

– Yes, and a long time ago. The depth of the environment is about 25-30 km, in different directions in different ways. Ukrainian formations have established themselves on the territory of the Azovstal plant and near it. Azovstal is a small town in the middle of Mariupol the size of our CPKIO.

They also control two more districts and another smaller plant. Some of them remain in the city quarters, pressed to the sea. But in military terms, all this is no longer a threat. Although it can “eat” time, resources and people if we hurry. But by and large, this no longer has any effect on the course of hostilities.

– Yesterday Kadyrov called on those who settled in Mariupol to give up and gave them one day. And what will happen in a day?

– We need to ask Kadyrov what he meant. I do not know.

– Where did the helicopters that struck Belgorod come from?

– If you believe the statements of the Ukrainian side, then from Kharkov. I fly there for 20-25 minutes.

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