The developers of Diablo IV talked about the schedule, visualizations and locations of the game

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Developers from Blizzard have prepared and released a large quarterly report on the progress of Diablo IV. This time the material is entirely devoted to graphics and visualization, discussed the study of lighting and environmental objects.

The authors have once again made it clear that the world of Diablo IV will be gloomier than in previous parts of the series. This is probably a very bright Diablo III, but Blizzard intends to make the fourth part darker and more believable, even compared to Diablo II. The game world will consist of five regions and about a hundred dungeons with monsters. And then in the material of the blog there was a discussion of individual locations.

Scosglen Coast. During its creation, a team of artists from the surrounding area sought to convey the image of the “wild coast and untamed capes.” Many elements of the props here are dynamic. Here and ships swaying on the waves, drying in the market fishing nets. And all the scenery of the deceased – interactive or destroyed.

The developers use a system of restrictions that binds specific parts of objects and allows you to prepare unique, plausible and various types of destruction. Realistic and natural colors for all elements of the game are also used to create a play space that graphically matches the harsh world of the Sanctuary.

Orbei Monastery is an isolated and remote monument in the depths of the Dry Steppes. To work with the dry steppes, full of waterless plains, the developers took as a basis the idea of ​​dusty meadows with rare vegetation. They have specially added dark rocks that complement the pale and rusty shades of grass. Poplars and saxauls clinging to the ground with their roots helped to create a parallax effect on the screen, which increases the depth of the image due to the fact that nearby objects move faster than those seen in the distance. Forgotten treasures are hidden in the ruins of the monastery, and outside it players are waiting for battles with the indigenous people of the region.

Kyovashad Night is a military settlement with a depressing atmosphere of a frozen and harsh place. It is divided into many areas with their own scenery. The interior buildings are made of pine boards and birch shingles.

When creating the image of the night Kiovoshad, the developers used fog, soft shadows and reflections to soften the lighting. This softness of lighting is a key element of Diablo IV’s graphic style, giving it naturalness and plausibility. The authors strive to make Kiovoshad a lively and cozy place with warm and earthy tones that contrast with the cold colors of the Split Peaks.

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All other locations with Diablo IV can be found in a separate note. The game will be released later on PCs and consoles.

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