The expert reacted to Kazakhstan’s statement on sanctions against Russia: he flirted

“Next time Tokayev may not be helped”

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Kazakhstan Timur Suleimenov said in an interview with the news portal Euractiv that his country will not be a tool to circumvent US and EU sanctions against Russia. He made this statement during a visit to Brussels. “We will comply with the sanctions. – Suleimenov reported. “At the very least, we want secondary US and EU sanctions to be applied to Kazakhstan.”

It is difficult to imagine an official of this level making such statements without the consent of the country’s president. However, Suleimenov immediately said that Kazakhstan will not stop trade and economic cooperation with Russia and offered the companies that left Russia to relocate there, so as not to lose the Russian market and at the same time not to violate sanctions. How it will look in practice is still difficult to imagine.

He commented on the words of the Kazakh official especially for MK military expert of the CIS Institute Vladimir Evseev.

– In January this year, the situation in Kazakhstan could have developed dramatically if Russia had not sent its peacekeepers there. Said the expert. – But Russia introduced peacekeepers and thus saved stability in Kazakhstan. And now some officials are saying that let’s be better friends with the United States, so that, God forbid, sanctions are not imposed on us. Well, that’s how you decide what you want. Maybe you want the “color revolution” that you tried to carry out in January? Maybe you are even a supporter of the “color revolution”? But if you are a supporter of the “color revolution”, then you can even sue. After all, it was not the Russian Federation that tried to stage a coup in Kazakhstan.

– But this official clearly represents the position of the current president. He cannot be a supporter of the “color revolution.”

– There are many different points of view in Kazakhstan. There are many Russophobes. The situation is like this. One version of the events of January this year is a coup attempt organized by the United States and Britain. Now Kazakhstan, which Russia saved from the “color revolution”, says: “No, we will not help Russia because we are afraid of sanctions.” But if you are afraid of sanctions from the state that organized the revolution against you, you may soon get a second one of the same kind. This is the first. The second. In the multipolar world that is currently being formed, does Kazakhstan have a place of its own? If he has no place, then, of course, he is doing everything right. But if he wants to have a place, he must have the right to vote. The situation is extremely simple.

– Citizens of the Russian Federation may also have questions about our government: why did you save Tokayev’s government in January, which acts in a similar way?

– The Russian Federation saved Tokayev specifically and saved stability in Kazakhstan, because Kazakhstan is important to us. Russia has saved the current government from radical Islamists. Naturally, the Russian Federation is not going to create any internal problems for Kazakhstan. But I want to say that if Kazakhstan continues to play “multi-vector”, as was done under Nazarbayev, he can play. And again the attempt of people from Nazarbayev’s clan to overthrow Tokayev can be repeated.

– And then the Russian Federation will not interfere?

– One way or another, Russia will have to intervene. But if anti-Russian speeches are encouraged in Kazakhstan, if Russophobes are appointed ministers, if attempts are made to continue the previous multi-vector course that led to the January tragedy, Russia will find it difficult to decide whether to help him once again. This is the choice of Kazakhstan itself.


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