The Extreme Measures 40 Celebrities Took to Attain Their Ideal Physiques Are Truly Unbelievable

Tina Malone – 168 Lbs – Low-Calorie Diet

Tina Malone is an English actress, best known for her role as Mimi Maguire in the Channel 4 series Shameless. Over the years, we could notice Malone’s figure getting fuller and fuller. Well, that was until she surprised everyone with a 168-pound weight drop.

During an interview with OK! magazine about her transformation, the 58-year-old stated that she stays at a slim size six by eating seven meals a day. Wait, what? Well, they aren’t your regular meals. Instead, they’re low-calorie snacks with the right amount of nutrition. We’re impressed (and a little envious) at the new figure this mother of two is showing off.

Catherine Tyldesley – 84 Lbs – Diet & Workout

Born and raised in Salford, England, Catherine Tyldesley grew up to become a popular actress in the United Kingdom. Almost everyone in the country knows her for her portrayals of Iris Moss, Eva Price, and Karen Norris in Lillies, Coronation Street, and Scarborough, respectively.

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