The father returned to sports to go to the start with his daughter. Unique love for biathlon

An amazing story from the Russian championship in Tyumen.

Yuri Batmanov and Anastasia Batmanova / Photo: © Dmitry Chelyapin / Match TV

Not much attention was paid to the single mix in Tyumen, as most regions relied on the classic mixed relay with four representatives and identified the strongest biathletes there.

Perhaps, Kristina Reztsova, who was declared in both relays for the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra team, was surprised. Although such a rush is expected from the Olympic silver medalist.

But in this race the amazing story of Yuri and Anastasia Batmanov stood out. Father and daughter performed together in one team. And let them not show a high result, this is not the main thing, because they have forever inscribed this achievement in the biathlon annals.

And the world champions Ekaterina Yurlova-Perht and Maxim Tsvetkov won.

Family business

Yuri Batmanov was born in Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk region) and began biathlon in 1992 at the age of 15. Eight years later, as part of the Russian national team, he won a bronze medal in the relay at the European Championships in Zakopane (Poland). By the way, in the same championship, but among juniors, future stars of the Russian national team Ivan Cherezov and Nikolai Kruglov took medals in personal races.

However, this sporting achievement of Yuri remained the most notable in his career. More precisely, he should have stayed, if not for what happened in 2022, when he went to the start of the mixed relay with his eldest daughter, representing the Sakhalin region.

Peter Pashchenko, Denis Makhaev, Yuri Batmanov and Nikita Matveev / Photo: © Dmitry Chelyapin / Match TV

By this time, Anastasia has grown to junior level and won the national championship among 17-year-old girls. This season she managed to show the best result among Russians at the European Junior Championships in Pokljuka (Slovenia), becoming eighth in the sprint.

Despite the fact that Nastya grew up in a sports family (her mother is also a biathlete, master of sports), she is coached not by her parents, but by a young coach Ivan Pichuzhkin. Dad, as the athlete herself admits, often comes to competitions to support before the start, and this greatly eases the emotional background before the race.

But in Tyumen, the young biathlete found herself in a new format when her father became a teammate. Given that Yuri Batmanov ended his career in the late 2000s, this decision looked particularly intriguing.

The main thing is not victory, but participation

Interesting fact: Batmanova in tandem with her father could potentially compete against the team of her young man, Vasily Tomshin, who plays for St. Petersburg. But the coaching staff of St. Petersburg decided to use the 25-year-old biathlete in a big mixed relay.

At the start of the race Batmanov felt good. It is no coincidence that she took 13th place in the sprint the day before. But after two firing lines, it became clear that the Batmans would still not be able to compete for high places. Although such a goal was not before them. As Yuri admitted before the start, the main task was to avoid withdrawal from the race.

Reztsova, to whom attention was drawn, escaped to the penalty area and greatly complicated her team’s fight for gold. After the first men’s stage, three leaders emerged: Yurlova-Perht and Tsvetkov (St. Petersburg 1), Garanichev and Slivko (Tyumen Region 1), as well as Derbusheva and Bazhin (Sverdlovsk Region).

Yurlov-Percht and Slivko spent their last leg impeccably in terms of shooting and passed the baton with an advantage of 11 seconds. In the duel between Tsvetkov and Garanichev, Maxim looked more preferable and won the gold medal together with Yurlova-Percht. Very successful return of the world champion to professional sports. Slivko and Garanichev are second, Derbusheva and Bazhin are third.

The Batman family managed to finish. And this is the main result of a unique tandem.

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