The first kiss in the new season of the show “The Bachelor”: who was seduced by millionaire Alexander Grankov

The third issue of the new season of the show “The Bachelor” on TNT began with an unusual test. The men had to answer some sharp questions. And with pepper, they were literally – the one who refused to tell the truth, ate tacos with hot sauce. In the process, the girls learned a lot of intimate things about bachelors. For example, the guys had to tell about the first sexual experience, unusual “podkaty”, expensive gifts.

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The sincerity was appreciated by the project participants. As a result, the majority of votes went to Kazakh businessman Dimash Adilet. As a winner, he earned the right to invite any girl on a date. The millionaire chose Sophia Solmanidina. Together they went for a walk along the waterfront, met the sunset and took photos, talked about different topics: family, love and past relationships. The talks continued in a Mexican restaurant.

“We hugged, he did it so carefully, maybe he was afraid to break my boundaries or did not understand how to communicate with me – so everything was nice, childish, in a good way. I thought he was much simpler, more modest, and he was straight macho. But he did not push me away, everything is fine. This connection arose in a flash. Such a sensual, cool guy. I even miss you a little, ”the model later admitted.

In turn, Dimash noted that he liked the girl: “I really like Sonya, that she is very straightforward, she speaks as she is.” In the finale of the date, the businessman gave the blonde a rose.

Alexander Grankov wasted no time: he came to the villa with pizza boxes. The participants appreciated the young man’s deed and happily began to weave a treat. Yulia Golygina took advantage of the situation and called the bachelor aside to hand over a dessert, which she prepared with her own hands. The blogger expressed confidence that Grankov liked it. Following Yulia, Alexandra asked Elvina Garayeva to be alone. But the young man himself preferred the company of Tahmina Suleimanova (Taha Safari – approx. StarHita).

“She’s just insanely hot, with strong sexual energy. I just realized that I was glued together, I was just smeared and everything, I leaked, “- said the hero of the project about the brunette. However, despite his passion for Taha Safari, Alexander kissed another. He invited Sofia Matsuleva to a tete-a-tete, treated her to ice cream, and took a decisive step during the slow dance. The girl did not expect.

“To say I was blown away is to say nothing. I kissed because I wanted to, and I’m afraid because I can’t trust men, “said the participant with tears in her eyes. She could not cope with the influx of emotions and excitement and cried during the interview.

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The rose ceremony put everything in its place. Two girls left the project – Karina Ziganshina and Valeria Ponomarenko. They did not have time to communicate closely with any of the heroes of the project.

Photo: TNT press service

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