The first reviews of “Morbius” are not happy at all

Apparently, the eternal postponement of the premiere Morbius it didn’t make much sense – Sony’s studio is unlikely to greatly improve his situation, releasing now. This is based on the first full-fledged reviews of the press, who watched the anti-hero solo with Jared Leto in the lead role.

The general mood of the first viewers, by the way, sums up well the average rating of critics on “Tomatoes”. Now on the well-known aggregator of reviews, the fantastic horror has a frankly “rotten” status – 16% approvals based on 45 reviews.

“Morbius” is a reminder of how many comics before the MCU came out: sloppy, poorly shot and disappointing comic book fans. And the film is the worst attempt to build a movie universe today. The film turned out bad.

Dan Murrell

Morbius is Marvel’s worst film in a very long time. In some places inert, in some places just ridiculous.

William Bibbiani

Morbius is a ridiculous movie, but it made me revisit The Who Who and Matt Smith. That’s right.

Devan Coggan, EW

Morbius’ main problem is a bad, boring script. None of the characters have any weight or depth. There is a bit of humor in the film, but attempts to joke are downright unsuccessful.

Emma Keeley, Collider

After such straightforward reviews, there is a strong feeling that domestic viewers, who lost the opportunity to see this film on the big screens, have not lost much.


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