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Astrologers have identified the signs of the zodiac, which the universe will help fulfill many bright desires since March 28. She will present a generous gift to four representatives of the horoscope and give them incredible luck. Mercury is in Aries, and therefore these zodiacal representatives should expect pleasant surprises.

IN Gemini there will be a lot of original ideas. They will invent something new and unusual that they will definitely discuss with friends. Astrologers advise Gemini to do research and write on these topics. Politics will also be in their sphere of interest.

Cancer will start working hard to succeed in their careers. They will discuss their plans and projects with management. Cancers can be offered a leadership position. They can already begin to study management and learn to manage production.

Now Archers unable to think of anything but their personal lives. Declarations of love, compliments and gifts await them. Sagittarians will lose their head from bright emotions and incredible feelings.

Capricorns will be fully occupied with family problems. They will think about how to improve their apartment. Capricorns will be interested in the color of the curtains and wallpaper. They will have to think carefully and do not need to refuse the help of others.

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Mayor Ratmir Mavliev opened the Yulaevets ice arena in Ufa's Shaksha for everyoneThe head of the Ufa administration Ratmir Mavliev kept his word and fulfilled the wish of the residents of Shaksha. On the official page on the social network, the mayor said that during his first visit to the district, citizens approached him and complained that there was an ice arena next to them, but they did not let anyone in.

Ratmir Mavliev noted that he had fulfilled his promise. During the last month, free mass skating is constantly organized in the Yulaevets sports complex. Now the ice arena is open for visits on Saturday and Sunday from 20-22 hours. Skate rental will soon be available here.

Ratmir Mavliev said that now the residents of the district have a great opportunity to spend their free time and get acquainted with ice sports.

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One pinch in the soil - and tomatoes will grow large and sweet: a simple secret that will not be shared by a neighborIt is important to follow some rules to grow a decent crop of tomatoes. In this case we are talking about fertilizers and regular watering of the soil. However, even this does not guarantee that the fruits of tomatoes will grow sweet.

Often, even experienced gardeners get a tasteless harvest of tomatoes with large streaks.

This result can be avoided with a simple and effective way to add a component. This is ordinary baking soda.

It is enough to pour one pinch of this remedy into the soil and you are guaranteed full growth and development of tomatoes.

Thanks to this component, tomatoes acquire the desired sweet taste. Moreover, soda allows you to remove streaks in the fruit, making tomatoes incredibly juicy.

The appearance of tomatoes will also be incredibly beautiful. They will be filled with bright red color and will get an appetizing look.

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In Russia, the web version of WhatsApp starts working without the need to connect a smartphone to the networkThere is information that in the near future the WhatsApp messenger will introduce a new change. Thanks to this, the online version of the popular service in Russia will be able to work independently.

Now to run the application on a PC you need a smartphone to be connected to the Internet. Soon it will not be needed.

Some users with iOS devices have already been able to take advantage of the corresponding update. The full coverage of the platform will take place in March. Android customers will have access to the update in April.

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Down with bob and square: Pixie - the most fashionable haircut for spring and summer 2022, which visually rejuvenatesPixie is a fashionable haircut that can transform any woman. Elegant women prefer this haircut and there are a number of reasons for this. This is a stylish and modern haircut that has a wide variety of options. Glamor writes about this.

“Pixie” translates as “elf”. The hairstyle has a charming appearance, the main features of which are:

shortened hair on the back of the head and temples;

open ears and neck;

elongated hair on the top;

addition in the form of oblique bangs.

The haircut has a wide variety of options, so you can choose the one that will emphasize your personality. To select the ideal pixie option, you should contact a professional master.

For a round face, it is recommended to create additional volume on the top, which will visually stretch the face, as well as complement the haircut with an oblique bangs. At the same time it is not necessary to create a thick bangs and to give preference to an easy option. You can also leave a few strands at the temple.

For an oval face, absolutely any version of pixie is suitable.

For a heart-shaped face, it is necessary to cover the forehead, which will help pixie with oblique bangs.

In any case, all pixie variations are suitable for older women.
Down with bob and square: Pixie - the most fashionable haircut for spring and summer 2022, which visually rejuvenates
Ultra-short pixie is great for thin hair. However, this option opens the face, making age-related changes more noticeable. This haircut is suitable for women with a perfect oval face and beautiful healthy skin. Obese women are strongly advised not to have short haircuts, otherwise short hair will be disproportionate to body volume.

Pixie Bob combines the best elements of two popular haircuts. If the basis is a classic bean, then it creates selected strands. If at the base of the pixie, the strands are cut so that the top has a semicircular shape.

Elongated pixie is suitable for almost all women. Moreover, this option is much easier to decide, especially for those who used to wear only long hair. Also, this version of the pixie perfectly masks age-related changes in the face. It is worth noting that the elongated pixie allows you to create different styling options, so you can change the image at least every day. The strands can be stretched, curled, and can be combed back into the undercut or sideways for asymmetry.

Brave women are recommended a more extravagant version of the pixie with shaved temples. In this case, the whiskey can be shaved on one or both sides. You can also create a pattern on the shaved part. This is a very stylish haircut option that requires frequent updates.

Pixie with a long bangs is suitable for women of all ages. The bangs can reach the chin line and fit sideways. As one of the options, the bangs can be combed back with a roller over the forehead. This bangs will hide flaws and give the image of femininity.

Pixie with a short bangs will create a bold and daring image. This option can have a different shape, thanks to different variations of the bangs: oblique, torn, straight and others. Short bangs will emphasize the face, so it should be chosen by women with the right facial features. for women with a large nose, massive chin or cheekbones, it is worth paying attention to other haircuts.

An asymmetrical pixie will also look stylish. At the same time it is possible to create both hardly noticeable asymmetry, and brightly expressed. It all depends on your preferences.

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How to cook perfectly delicious cheesecakes: an experienced chef has revealed 5 brand secretsCheesecakes can be both an ideal option for a delicious breakfast and a pleasant dessert for tea at any time of the day.

The dish seems simple and uncomplicated, but it does not always turn out delicious.

Culinary expert Margarita Ivanova has revealed 5 simple secrets that will help to prepare perfectly delicious cheesecakes:

1. Choose the right cottage cheese. The importance of the main ingredient of the dish should not be underestimated: its quality and taste will determine how your cheesecakes will turn out.

2. Do not forget that the consistency should be uniform. If you add too much kefir or eggs, it is best to correct this oversight with enough flour or semolina.

3. Cheesecakes can be not only sweet: if you forget about sugar and add spices and herbs, it can help you change the traditional view of cheesecakes.

4. Don’t follow typical recipes – show more imagination to make your cheesecakes unique. You can always diversify the taste with dried fruits, berries or other fruits.

5. If you want to achieve an attractive crust, you should use a good frying pan with a thick bottom and a lid. It is recommended to fry the dish over medium heat, but pre-heat the pan well.

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