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Bethesda Game Studios veteran Emil Pallarulo, who worked at Fallout and Elder Scrolls for 19 years, shared his thoughts on Starfield. A short interview with the developer has appeared on the Bethesda website told about his work and made a reservation that the science fiction role-playing game will offer “something really special” that will make players go crazy.

To say that you are going to create the first new intellectual property of the studio in twenty years is one thing. In fact, to do so is a different story. It was so amazing to watch Starfield gradually turn into this amazing game, and we open up SO MANY new opportunities.

Starfield will be released in November this year on the Xbox Series X | S and PC. Bethesda is confident that the game will not be postponed, and Pallarulo said that Starfield has come a long way in developing, that the systems have merged and merged, and the vision that the studio had at the beginning of production is now being realized.

There comes a time when you are working on the game, and it’s just a bit of a confusion, especially in the beginning, because it’s breaking news! – This is game development. start going online and everything starts to work well and you see how everything turns into the vision you had when you first started this crazy journey. When it first happened with Starfield, it really was, “Oh, wow. So. This is something really special. The players are going crazy. ” Now we just have to finish!

In an interview, Paliarolo also talked about his many sources of inspiration and which games he likes the most, listing games such as Spider-Man and Cyberpunk 2077.

Thief is still considered one of my favorite games of all time. But I play a lot of games of different genres. My gaming account is about 168,000, and these are the only Xbox games I play. So there is always something that inspires or excites me. I really like playing games that just make me shake my head, like, “Wow. I know how they did it, and it’s a crazy achievement. ” The latest Spider-Man games have been like this for me. Or Cyberpunk. Dude, create a giant open environment like Knight City? This is a difficult feat. Seriously impressive.

Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X | S. Like all other games from Microsoft, it will be released on the first day of the Xbox Game Pass, which means it can attract more players than any other Bethesda game before, even though it won’t be released on the PlayStation.

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