The head of the European Commission called on China not to interfere in EU sanctions against Russia

China should not support Moscow in connection with the sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia. This opinion was expressed by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the EU-China summit. According to her, China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has a significant responsibility for what is happening. Chinese President Xi Jinping said that Europe and China need to strengthen cooperation for stability in the world.

“Of course, we expect that if China does not support the sanctions, it will at least do everything possible not to interfere in their actions,” Ms. von der Leyen said during the EU-China summit, which was held in video format. “Interfax”). She also believes that China is capable of influencing Russia and bringing it back to the negotiating table.

In turn, the President of the European Council Charles Michel, speaking about the EU’s attempts to persuade China not to help Russia circumvent Western sanctions, recalled the importance of trade relations between the EU and China. “We hope that China has heard the arguments we have presented. We also hope that China will think about its reputation on the world stage and take into account the importance of its trade relations with the EU, “said Mr. Michel. According to him, the European Union and China agree that military action in Ukraine threatens international security and the world economy

Chinese President Xi Jinping is convinced that China and the European Union need to strengthen cooperation. According to him, the parties should unite to become a stabilizing factor for the unstable situation in the world. This need is especially important now, Mr. Xi stressed.

“China and the EU, as two major global powers, major markets and major civilizations, must strengthen cooperation on Sino-European relations and key issues related to global peace and development, play a constructive role and provide a factor of stability for a volatile world.” – said the President of China (quoted by RIA Novosti).

The Chinese leader recalled that eight years ago, during a visit to the EU headquarters in Brussels, he spoke of Beijing’s readiness to work with the European Union. He noted that Beijing remains interested in building a bridge of friendship and cooperation in Eurasia, building a partnership between Beijing and Brussels, and building a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the EU that would have a greater global impact. Speaking about the conflict in Ukraine, Mr. Xi said that the world should support the dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, and not add fuel to the fire.

For more information on why the United States continues to threaten China for supporting Russia, Kommersant reports that “China is big and better.”

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