The Hollywood Reporter: Netflix’s problems are with content overruns and conflicts in management

The Hollywood Reporter published a curious article in which it tried to analyze the reasons for the recent “crash” of Netflix. According to journalists and their sources, the service itself signed the verdict, dismissing producer Cindy Holland in 2020.

Holland has been with Netflix since 2002 and was responsible for “original content”. Under her leadership, shows such as “House of Cards”, “Orange – a hit of the season” and “Very strange things” were launched.

This service was built on the taste of Cindy Holland.

The problems began around 2016, when Netflix commercial director Ted Sarandos set out to increase the amount of content. Sources in the magazine claim that Holland was already trying to stop him, but Ted was adamant. Instead of focusing on quality, he hired former head of CBS and Universal Television Bela Baraji as head of international content. After that, Netflix found two teams searching and creating the show.

The point of no return was 2017 – that’s when Baraji’s team ordered 13 episodes of the series “Insatiable”. Earlier, both the CW TV channel and the Holland team refused this show.

This caused absolute demoralization and chaos. Everyone thought that Ted had done a terrible job, allowing one team to give the green light to what the other team had rejected.

The show “Insatiable” received devastating reviews from critics, but it was successful enough to extend it for the second season.

This was a signal for Ted, because the show had good results. Ted, wanting to increase the amount of content, began to rely on the opinion and strategy of Bela.

According to sources, Holland was concerned about the uncontrolled growth of the number of shows and, consequently, the decline in their quality. However, her opinion was stopped.

One of Cindy’s latest projects on Netflix was The Queen’s Move. According to sources, Bela Barajiya and her team considered the work on the show “Dutch Stupidity” and openly expressed their disregard for the creators of the series. And when “The Queen’s Move” became a hit, Barajiya began to attribute all the credit to himself.

It all ended with the end of 2020 that Ted Sarandos simply fired Cindy Holland and appointed Bella to her position. So Netflix won a strategy that said, “We do as many shows as possible, and if at least one in ten is successful, everything will be fine.”

Sources also claim that immediately after his appointment, Ted raised Bela’s salary – if Holland received $ 10 million a year, Baraji was paid between $ 16 million and $ 18 million. Ironically, Baradzia is known as a supporter of maximum budget cuts and cheaper production.

It is unclear how Netflix is ​​going to get out of this whole situation. According to the latest news, the service has decided to reduce some areas and at the same time bet on expanding the audience with the help of mobile games.

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