The main spy series of today? Discussing “Killing Eve”

After four years on the air, the finale of “Killing Eve” is approaching. All that was needed was to bring to the fore not polished male agents, but a tandem of two women in a strange interdependent relationship, adding cynical humor and luxurious outfits. In the new issue of “Eavesdropping”, recorded in partnership with VOKA, we find out whether the series of British star screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge is really good and how the new season turned out.


  • Let’s start with the general conclusions. If you watch all the series in one gulp (as we did), the static relationship between the boring spy Eva and the restless killer Villanel is striking. For four seasons, they meet and run away for no particular reason, to reunite and run away again in a dozen episodes. Such meaningless cycles can tire even loyal fans.
  • At the same time, even such a trampling concept on the spot is saved by acting. Watching the grimacing Jody Comer is a pleasure, and their rare screen duets with Sandra O are still looking forward to every time, even though you roughly understand what it’s all about.
  • Rubric “Two adult men discuss dresses.” Villanel’s outfits are one of the main features of “Killing Eve”, which allowed the series to establish itself as a real cultural phenomenon (killer bows are still repeated by instamodists and stars on the red carpet). Why are the dresses and costumes in the series not just an element of a beautiful picture, but an important detail in the images of the characters?
  • By the way, a beautiful picture is something that is definitely not taken away from the series. Even if at some point you miss all the spy vicissitudes of “Killing Eve” (and the chance is extremely high), there is nothing to stop just watching the beautiful people in the beautiful street locations of Paris, Berlin and London. Perhaps the only thing that can bring down the mood for light entertainment in the evening – the abundance of even spectacular, but still violence.

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