The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on international missions to come to Bucha

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine called on the missions of the International Criminal Court and international organizations to come to Bucha and other cities and towns of the Kiev region as soon as possible to gather evidence of the Russian army’s war crimes and crimes against humanity. Dmitry Kuleba’s statement was broadcast on the British radio station Times UK radio.

According to Kuleba, the evidence will be used in international and foreign courts to bring to justice those who may have committed crimes. “They killed and left civilians in these villages and towns,” Kuleba said.

The Minister also spoke about the mass crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine, including murder, torture, looting, rape. “It was impossible to imagine this in the 21st century, but it is happening before our eyes. Russia is worse than ISIS,” Kuleba said.

Earlier, the minister called for “immediate destructive sanctions against Russia” following reports of civilian killings in Bucha. According to Kuleba, the restrictions should include an embargo on Russian energy, the closure of all ports for Russian ships and goods, and the disconnection of all Russian banks from SWIFT.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky posted a post on Facebook with a photo from Bucha and advised mothers of the Russian military to look at the image. “Look at the bastards you raised. Murderers, looters, executioners,” Zelensky wrote in Russian.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied all allegations of killing civilians. A statement from the agency said that all the photos and videos were a provocation and “staging of the Kiev regime for the Western media.”

The ministry noted that Russian troops were withdrawn from Bucha on March 30, the day after Russia-Ukraine talks in Turkey. The Defense Ministry also refers to the mayor of the city Anatoly Fedoruk, who said that there were no Russian soldiers left in the city and who did not mention the shot dead civilians.

  • On the evening of April 2, it was reported that the bodies of dozens and possibly hundreds of civilians had been found in the Kiev suburb of Bucha, which had been occupied by the Russian military for more than a month. Ukrainian troops occupied the city the other day, after the withdrawal of the Russian army. After that, records appeared on the Internet, which show that some streets of the city are literally littered with the bodies of those killed.
  • Apparently, we are talking about civilians, the dead are dressed in civilian clothes, some have already been identified by their acquaintances. Some of them apparently died in the shelling, but the photos also show the bodies of people with their hands tied. Ukrainian authorities accuse the Russian army of killing civilians – a serious war crime.
  • Immediately after the reports from Bucha, Moscow did not comment on the situation. The Ministry of Defense republished a message on social media, in which the killings in Bucha were called staging.


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