The neo-Nazi in No Man’s Sky was banned only after mass complaints from the community

Even with 18 quintillion planets, it is sometimes impossible to escape the worst people on Earth. An example of this was the mess that arranged one troll No Man’s Sky in the central region – the Galactic Hub. There was talk among the players that he was a “neo-Nazi”, so Hello Games took appropriate measures to ban the violator. However, gamers are concerned about the tools for submitting complaints.

At the release of No Man’s Sky in 2016, the game was a shadow of what it has grown to in recent years. In particular, then the game did not have a functional multiplayer, due to the huge size of the universe. But persistent gamers found that this was not the case – they could find each other, but it was impossible to see or interact with other players.

Since then, No Man’s Sky has changed dramatically, becoming one of the best space sandboxes. The game has received a lot of free updates, including those that add fur and its own bases. All this has formed an active multiplayer community.

The natural process of grouping has led to concentration in the so-called civilized space. One such region is the Galactic Hub, which consists of 11 connected regions where players gather for various activities and construction projects.

For the most part, there are no trolls in the Galactic Hub. Surprisingly, given how toxic the multiplayer community can be. But recently, the hub’s moderator stumbled upon a post on how one player set out to create a mess in the region.

A neo-Nazi troll is attacking bases in the Galactic Hub, and there is nothing we can do. All the leaders of canonized civilization agree that Hello Games has failed the civilized space by its inaction. The complaint database returns an error of 500, which means that Hello Games has not received any reports. And the lock function in the game just doesn’t work.

Players in the Galactic Hub spend a lot of time and effort building their bases. The troll was on someone else’s base and built it with simple blocks, turning exquisite creations into a handful of gloomy rectangles.

A study of the troll’s profile indicated that he used figures commonly associated with white Suprematists and included references to a prominent neo-Nazi leader.

According to Hello Games, they are aware of the situation, and if players sent complaints but received an error, a complaint has already been received.

The studio also announced that it will release a patch that closes the gaps used by trolls to bypass the blockades. It was also stated that the team is deliberately trying to avoid comments on trolls and violators to avoid clones.

Hello Games is not included in the development of additional tools to combat trolls.

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