The offended Ivan Urgant personally addressed the fans for the first time

Ivan Urgant spent almost two months in silence: no broadcasts on TV, no posts on social networks, no single interview.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Ivan Urgant spent almost two months in silence: no broadcasts on TV, no posts on social networks, no single interview. Only in early March, the showman briefly commented on his departure from the country: they say, without panic, went on vacation, I’ll be back soon. Meanwhile, all this time around Urgant raged a sea of ​​rumors – about emigration, job loss on the First Channel, the sale of luxury real estate … The Internet even published photos of alleged apartments Urgant in Moscow City with sauna, gym and separate entrance for servants, sold for 400 million rubles. What is true and what is false, fans could only guess: the TV presenter considered it humiliating to justify himself.

However, now the showman has finally broken the silence by publishing the first post on his Telegram channel, where 202,000 subscribers have been patiently waiting for his statements since the end of February. Urgant still did not comment on “all the nonsense said and written about himself,” but turned sharply to “Edward B.” – to the theater director Eduard Boyakov, who once made Olga Buzova an actress of the Moscow Art Theater.

Earlier, Boyakov promised to spit on Ivan Urgant at the meeting: “If he is at a distance of spit from me – he will get it.” But it turned out that the director fell victim to a fake: the video with the burning Russian tank, for which Boyakov fought against Urgant, was not actually published by him. Provocative footage appeared in the fan community of “Evening Urgant”, and the host himself had no idea about their existence.

It all became clear the other day: Ksenia Sobchak pointed out a mistake to the director during the interview – so Boyakov found himself in an awkward situation and declared his readiness to apologize to the showman.

“Why didn’t he explain anything right away?” If I had heard from Urgant that he had nothing to do with this video, I would have been the first to text him with an apology, – admitted the director.

And so Ivan Urgant finally explained.

“When I heard about your courageous decision to spit on me at the meeting, I had mixed feelings – on the one hand, as my senior comrades taught me, there will be no barley,” Urgant wrote with company irony, publishing screenshots of Boyakov’s mistake. – On the other hand, I thought, Edward is a solid, deep man, he will start to save saliva, and in the absence of our meeting in the near future there is a huge risk of self-indulgence. Thus beheading the progressive and cultural life of the country … No, I told myself, you have no right to remain silent. So, I did not publish anything! This is my first post in the Telegram … I apologize for not sending me your apologies, because due to the limited life circumstances, I am temporarily unable to use my smartphone.

In addition, as the showman added, touring and selling real estate (“especially non-existent”) he also announces in his channel. This remark is not accidental: the other day there was information about the tour of the show “Evening Urgant” in Europe. According to the poster, the host and his team will perform in Germany in early June: tickets for the show cost from 3,000 to 10,000 in rubles.


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