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The Zavolzhsky district court of Yaroslavl handed down a verdict in another high-profile criminal case of torture in the colony. Nine former officers of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Yaroslavl region received real terms for beating two prisoners of the correctional colony №1 (IC-1) in 2017, one of whom died of his injuries in hospital. Four defendants were previously detained for torturing IC-1 prisoner Yevgeny Makarov. Another participant in Makarov’s torture, Alexei Andreev from Fsinovo, who was initially charged in the second case, eventually witnessed it.

Like the criminal trial for Yevgeny Makarov’s torture, the “second case” was initiated by the Investigative Committee after a video of the torture of prisoners was published in Novaya Gazeta. The records were handed over to journalists by the Human Verdict Human Rights Foundation (entered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the register of foreign agents). It was reported that Georgian citizen Vazhi Bochorishvili had bleeding, which prison doctors could not stop. The prisoner was taken to Rybinsk Hospital, where he was diagnosed with severe liver damage and other injuries. Bochorishvili died on May 9, 2017, a year and a half before his release.

The second victim, Abubakar Tsagalayev, a Chechen native, was beaten two weeks before his release. He expressed indignation at the fact that during a search of the colony, UFSIN members threw food and the Koran on the floor. Tsagalayev was then sent to a remand prison, and then to an “educational work class,” where Bochorishvili and earlier Makarov were beaten. Tsagalayev survived, and later in court during the criminal case of his beating, one of the defendants apologized to him – a former junior inspector of the supervision group in the security department of IC-1 Igor Kamironov.

In total, ten former Ufsins were tried in the case of the torture of Bochorishvili and Tsagalayev, four of whom had previously been detained for beating Yevgeny Makarov.

These are Igor Bogdanov, Alexei Brovkin, Ruslan Tsvetkov and Maxim Yablokov. Another participant in Makarov’s torture, Alexei Andreev, was also charged in the “second case”, but his procedural status was changed to that of a witness. As a result, nine former UFSIN officers in the Yaroslavl region were sentenced. They received terms ranging from three years to three years, four months in prison and a two-and-a-half to two-year, and seven-month ban from law enforcement.

“At the stage of the investigation, the interests of the victim were represented by lawyer Irina Biryukova, but on the eve of the trial Tsagalayev stopped communicating, and later refused to agree to represent his interests in court. The lawyer connects this refusal with the unequivocal hostile position of the Chechen leader and his aggressive attacks on Russian human rights activists and, as a consequence, with the fears of the victim for life and health – his own and his relatives in this regard, “said in a public verdict.

Alexander Tikhonov, Yaroslavl


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