The penultimate vouchers. Who got to the 2022 World Cup in March

During the March break for the national team matches, tickets for the World Cup in Qatar were won by 10 more teams. At the moment, 29 out of 32 participants of the World Cup are known. The International Football Federation (FIFA) has already divided these teams into four baskets – the draw for the group stage will take place in Doha on April 1. The final part of the world championship will take place from November 21 to December 18. In the meantime, “Vedomosti. Sport “summarizes the March part of the selection for the World Cup and talks about the contenders for the remaining three tickets.

A couple of months ago, it seemed that the end of March was a key period for Russian football this year. On March 24, the team led by Valery Karpin was to play in Moscow in the semi-final match in Poland, and if successful, hold, again in the Russian capital, the final match between the winner of the pair from Sweden and the Czech Republic. However, after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, FIFA suspended the Russian team from participating in the selection, and Poland automatically became a participant in the final qualifying match.

The Swedes and Czechs, in turn, held a tenacious semi-final with a minimum of sharp moments (only four shots on target for two), the only goal was scored in extra time – in the 110th minute scored midfielder Robin Quisson. The final between Sweden and Poland was also spectacular. The most interesting moment of the first half was a hard foul by midfielder Jacek Goralski, but Italian referee Daniele Orsato did not remove the Polish midfielder, limiting himself to a yellow card.

It is possible that if Poland remained in the minority, the final result would be different, but after the break the former Krasnodar midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak came on the field and the team added in creativity and sharpness – in the 52nd minute Krychowiak earned a penalty Robert Lewandowski, and 20 minutes later, the final score (2: 0) was set by Petr Zelinski from Napoli.

The main sensation of the joint tournament at the World Cup in Europe was the home defeat of the Italian national team from Northern Macedonia (0: 1). Roberto Mancini’s charges tried to break through the defense of a modest opponent throughout the match, inflicting 32 shots on goal, but did not find a moment to score. In the second minute of the European Champions goal, compensated for the match, Alexander Trajkovski struck. Thus, the Italians will miss the second World Cup in a row, while Mancini will continue to train the Azzurri squad.

In the final, the North Macedonians lost to Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo – 0: 2. Before that, in their semifinals, the Portuguese struggled, but still managed to finish with Turkey (3: 1).

Another World Cup participant was to be identified following a mini-tournament featuring Wales, Austria, Scotland and Ukraine. However, due to the events in Ukraine, the national team of this country could not play with the Scots – their match, as well as the final match in this quartet, was postponed to June. In the semifinals of the Welsh and Austrians, the team of Gareth Bale was stronger. Although the 32-year-old midfielder hardly plays for Real Madrid, he is always doing his best for the national team – thanks to his double (2: 1) Wales has reached the final.

Who has already got to the 2022 World Cup from Of Europe: Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland and Portugal

Wales, Scotland and Ukraine will play one place

South America

South American teams are traditionally given a wide quota for the World Cup – often half (5 out of 10) of participants go to the World Cup. According to the rules, four teams qualify for the World Cup directly, and the team that took fifth place meets in a head-to-head match with a representative of the Asian Confederation.

Two football giants – Brazil and Argentina – quickly resolved the issues with getting to Qatar, not even a broken face-to-face match prevented it. In the March meetings, it was determined which of the three Ecuador, Uruguay and Peru will take fifth place and play in the butt match. In the penultimate, 17th round, the Uruguayans defeated the Peruvians (1: 0) and closed the intrigue – Peru will have to play in an additional match.

Uruguay beat Peru and went straight to the World Cup /EPA

It is noteworthy that Ecuador remained in the top four, even despite the failure of the campaign – three draws and one defeat. An unpleasant surprise was the performance in the selection of the Colombian national team. In the course of the tournament, this team issued a seven-match winless streak, in which they scored only two goals.

Who has already got to the 2022 World Cup from South America: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador

Peru will play in a head-to-head match with a representative of the Asian Confederation

The rival of the Peruvians in the match should be the winner of the meeting between the national teams of Australia and the United Arab Emirates, which took third place in two groups of the Asian selection. In this confederation, qualifying for the World Cup began earlier than others (June 6, 2019) and turned out to be, perhaps, the least exciting.

Syria, Lebanon and Iraq were clear outsiders in Group A, with Iran and South Korea receiving direct tickets to the World Cup. In Group B, China and Vietnam performed miserably, but surprised Oman, who had a strong end to the qualifying tournament and almost overtook Australia in the zone of confrontation. Saudi Arabia and Japan became the leaders of Group B.

Australia will meet the UAE on June 7 in Qatar. The final match of the joints against Peru will take place on June 13 or 14. Another representative of the Asian Confederation at the World Cup will be the host of the tournament – Qatar.

Who has already got to the 2022 World Cup from Asia: Qatar, Iran, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia

Australia will play in the UAE as part of the Asian match, the winner of the match will meet with Peru

In the African selection for the World Cup, the competition is always the toughest – out of 54 participants, only five teams go to the World Cup. In March, the winners of the ten groups met in head-to-head matches. The most intriguing was the confrontation between Egypt and Senegal – these teams recently played in the final of the African Cup of Nations (Senegal was stronger in the penalty shootout), in addition, their leaders are partners in “Liverpool” – Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane.

In the first match, Egypt won (1: 0), in the second game, Senegal was stronger with the same score. In the end, as in the final of the African Cup, everything was decided in the post-match series of 11-meter – the Senegalese were again cold-blooded. In the personal confrontation between Salah and Mane, the representative of Senegal also won – unlike the Egyptian, he scored his penalty.

The return match between Algeria and Cameroon turned out to be dramatic. After the first meeting, Algeria had an advantage of one goal (1: 0), Cameroon restored parity in the return game. In the 118th minute, Algeria scored and already began to celebrate the World Cup, but in the fourth minute, compensated for extra time, Lyon forward Carl Toko-Ekambi scored. As a result, Cameroon received a ticket to Qatar.

The confrontation between Morocco and the DRC was the most effective in the African conflict. After a draw in the first match (1: 1), the Moroccans defeated the opponent in the return match (4: 1). Tunisia beat Mali at home with a minimum score (1: 0), in the second match the spectators did not see the goals (0: 0). Ghana went to Qatar thanks to an away goal in the return match against Nigeria (1: 1), in the first meeting the teams parted ways. Nigerians to miss World Cup for first time since 2006

Who got to the 2022 World Cup from Africa: Ghana, Senegal, Tunisia, Cameroon and Morocco

North America

Following the results of 14 rounds of selection in the zone of the Confederation of Football of North and Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF) the national teams of Canada and Mexico scored 28 points each. The Canadians became the main sensation of qualification – they were ahead of Mexico in additional indicators and will play in the World Cup for the first time since 1986.

Until the last rounds for the third line and a direct trip to Qatar, the United States and Costa Rica argued. The Costa Ricans won four final matches, including the Americans (2-0), but the team still failed to overtake the opponent in the table – the team scored the same number of points, but the United States had a better difference between goals scored and conceded.

On June 13 or 14, the Costa Rican national team will play a head-to-head match for the finals of the World Cup with the winner of the qualifying tournament in the Oceania zone – the team of New Zealand.

Who has already got to the 2022 World Cup from CONCACAF: Canada, Mexico and the United States

Costa Rica will play New Zealand in a head-to-head match


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