The producer estimated Loboda’s future income: 3 euros on the coast of Italy

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who has lived in Russia for the past four years and has now moved to Malta, according to some sources, is nowhere to be found today. In Ukraine, Loboda, heartbroken, was removed from the “black list” after the singer reported on her spending on charity, but in no hurry to forgive.

Andrei Danilko (Verka Serdyuchka) – and he spoke negatively about his colleague: they say that her tears on camera, allegedly caused by feelings about the homeland, were staged. Russia has completely forgotten about Loboda immediately after her disappearance.

Svetlana Loboda was among the first undesirable artists in Ukraine, although she waved her Ukrainian passport. And his career in Russia ended ingloriously after statements on social networks. At the same time, Loboda should remember how she earned more than one and not even two million euros at Russian corporate parties.

According to the ex-producer of the singer Natella Krapivina, Loboda donated 1.5 million hryvnias to Ukraine, a truck with food, medicine and household chemicals and donated a car to volunteers. Krapivina clarified: Svetlana also transferred 5,000 euros to the Latvian Fund to help Ukrainian women with children. However, let us remind you that one Loboda’s concert was recently estimated at more than 150,000 euros, and more than 200,000 euros on holidays.

“MK” spoke with concert director Kirill Chibisov, who suggested that he is waiting for Loboda in the future if she is not needed in both countries.

– Loboda’s future in Russia is possible only with one condition, – says Chibisov, – if she accepts Russian citizenship. Otherwise, for her, believe me, an early retirement has come. And in order for it to exist in Ukraine now, Sveta needs to rewrite all her songs in Ukrainian. That’s what a man from her administrative team told me.

In general, we have a very kind, forgiving spectator, although, say, Max Barskikh will no longer have a place here. He will have to move somewhere to Sweden, but definitely not to Russia or Ukraine. I do not see the possibility of restoring the show business market in Ukraine for at least 5 years. Therefore, it makes no sense for the World to dig there.

– Is she able to survive on royalties?

– Very unlikely. She is guaranteed refugee status in Europe and performances in summer cafes for 2-3 euros off the coast of Italy. She used to sing alone with ballet and will return to acoustic versions of her piano songs. After all, there are those who love her for her creativity, maybe somehow she will come out…

Loboda stormed the Russian and Ukrainian show business for almost 20 years, starting her career at Viagra. Young Loboda came to replace the pregnant Anna Sedokova. Fans of the band at bayonet met the new vocalist. Unable to withstand the tension and tyranny of the producers, Loboda left the band. The artist tried herself in solo work, it should be noted, without success. The performance at Eurovision from Ukraine, where Loboda took only 12th place, provoked devastating words from critics.

Svetlana managed to get a lucky ticket only after meeting Natella Krapivina. According to the producers, who have worked with Svetlana more than once, there are “Loboda Dokrapivinskaya” and “Loboda Krapivinskaya”. Since then, Loboda has spent most of her time in Russia, earning a lot of money. Then, having met, according to rumors, a very wealthy fan, she moved to Europe.

Judging by the last years of Loboda’s life, she no longer planned to return to Ukraine. It seems that it was convenient for the actress to earn money in Russia, but to spend it in Europe or the United States.

“Ask the question first, where did Svetlana see the future of her children? – Kirill Chibisov continues. – Obviously not in Ukraine, she did not send her children home, her eldest daughter did not study in a Ukrainian school. Although since 2014 there has been an acute national issue, which has become tougher and tougher.

Of course, this also applied to her, but she sent her children to live in Europe or Moscow. Of course, she had throws between Moscow and Kiev, as well as other artists. But the acquaintance with Krapivina put everything in its place.

– What was the difference after their meeting?

– Loboda before Krapivina existed as a citizen of Ukraine. But when she became “Krapivinskaya Loboda”, she immediately flew to Russia to start her career. This is a different Loboda, absolutely.

For example, I liked Sveta before Natella. With her authentic songs and so on, when there was no such crazy stellar pathos that she had after meeting Natella. But the “old” Loboda had a fee of about 5 thousand dollars, but after the upgrades made to her by the producer Krapivina, the fees began to reach 250 thousand euros, if she was invited to the New Year holidays. And so the average fee of Loboda was about 150 thousand euros. In Ukraine, it “cost” 30 thousand dollars.

But lately Loboda has not given corporate speeches there. Yes, Svetlana took part in some shootings, regular concerts, but she did not work in “restaurants”. Even then, Sveta understood where her place was under the sun.


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