The producer said that it was actually between Loboda and Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann and Svetlana Loboda.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

The version that there is an affair between Svetlana Loboda and the leader of the German rock band Rammstein Till Lindemann appeared a few years ago. At the same time, neither the vocalist nor the singer herself answered the question: what is happening between them? Till and Svetlana kept the intrigue and hinted in every way that between them – more than friendship.

It was rumored that Till Lindemann became the father of the singer’s youngest daughter. Suspicions only intensified when the actress called the girl by a consonant name – Tilda. Then Lindemann shot Loboda in his new music video.

Producer and concert director Kirill Chibisov told about what really happened between the German singer and the Ukrainian singer. According to him, there was a purely commercial relationship between Loboda and Lindemann. “Love” between them was invented by Svetlana’s producer Natella Krapivina, with whom the artist stopped working last year. Krapivina spread rumors about Loboda’s affair with a German to draw attention to his ward.

– There was no official confirmation of paternity. According to rumors, Natella invented and paid for Till’s alleged “affair” with Loboda, – said Chibisov in an interview with “MK”.

Tilla was called the father of Loboda's youngest daughter, Tilda.  Photo: social networks.

Tilla was called the father of Loboda’s youngest daughter, Tilda. Photo: social networks.

Krapivina herself denied these rumors in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak a year and a half ago, noting that there was no PR in this story.

– I don’t consider it a producer’s story. This is the personal life of my artist. I would not like to comment on this topic at all, because we will not agree on it later. But this is her personal story, I do not dive into these stories. But there was absolutely no producer’s intention in this, – said Krapivina.

– But you understand how strange it looked from the outside: some dude who is photographed with all the women, a child is growing up, she will also need to somehow explain who this man is… – Ksenia tried to promote Krapivina to openness .

“I think they’ll figure it out somehow,” the producer told her.

Loboda later confirmed that she did have a lover, but did not name him.

– He is older than me and very wise, understanding. He can wrap me up. I feel like a girl with him, – said the singer in an interview. – He breaks me a little, and because I love him very much – for the first time she said: I give up. He says: “Well, here you are again working, I asked to take time for a joint vacation.” I then immediately think: how to unravel everything. I’ll do it later, I’ll entrust it to someone. The main thing is to spend time with him.

The artists call billionaire Arthur Grantz, a Ukrainian oligarch with Belarusian citizenship, a real lover.


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