The reason for the mass captivity of Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol is named

In the operation to liberate the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the heaviest fighting in recent weeks took place in Mariupol. National militant fighters desperately resisted, hiding under civilians. They also served as fence detachments for ordinary military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But it seems that a fracture has occurred in this area. On April 4, 267 Marines from the 503rd Separate Battalion of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade of the Ukrainian Navy laid down their arms.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, was the first to report on the surrender of the Marines on his Telegram channel. A video with the prisoners appeared. Later, one more thing – State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov talks to Ukrainian servicemen.

“I am glad that you made the right decision,” he told the Ukrainian military. – It is pointless for you to continue fighting. You swore an oath to the Ukrainian people, but we came here not against the people of Ukraine, but against the Nazis and those devils who also killed civilians in Chechnya. And we will destroy them here. “

The Ukrainian Marines were assured that no one would harm them, and that their treatment would be in accordance with international law.

Captain 1st Rank military expert Vladimir Dandykin said that could have prompted the soldiers of the elite unit to lay down their arms.

– It so happened that I was in Sevastopol at the time when the Marines of Ukraine were being formed. This happened back in 1993, when I myself served in the Black Sea Fleet. I remember going to one of the Marine battalions in Perevalny, formed on the basis of the former Black Sea Fleet Marine Brigade. My attention was drawn to the fact that their motivation and values ​​were already in favor of Bandera.

The deputy battalion commander had CDs with songs about Stepan Bandera, he said they were gifts from Canada. Also, everyone already had serious equipment and weapons. It was one of the most elite units along with the air assault units of the APU.

When the “Crimean Spring” took place, the most motivated and almost the only part of the APU that left almost in full force in Ukraine was the Marine Battalion, which was stationed in Feodosia. In 2014-2015, they took part in the fighting in Donbass, where, along with Nazi battalions, they demonstrated extreme cruelty towards the civilian population.

It is safe to say that the 36th Marine Brigade is one of the most capable units, along with the same “Azov” (recognized as extremist, banned in Russia. – “MK”), imprisoned for fighting in Mariupol and Donbass. The fact that the remnants of this battalion have now surrendered is a sign of the group’s fighting and morale. This is obvious.

“Did they give up, realizing that further resistance was pointless?”

“I think they understand that no one will free them.” And, probably, the fact that the Ukrainian helicopters which arrived to evacuate fighters from Mariupol were shot down also affected. Probably, among those who were tried to be taken out, there were some high-ranking mercenaries or foreign instructors, the story is silent about it. But the Marines realized that only those who needed to be saved would be saved. It is said that the losses in the Mariupol “boiler” at the APU are huge. But the Ukrainian forces concentrated there were the most motivated and prepared. In my opinion, for Russia this is not just a huge moral victory, it is also a blow to Ukraine’s military. It is time for Kiev to declare mourning.

– Did the psychological impact on the APU – calls to lay down weapons, leaflets – play a role?

“Of course.” This is a necessary element of counter-propaganda work. Communication with relatives also played a role. All in all.

– Should we expect that other units of the APU, such as the 36th Marine Brigade, will begin to surrender?

– I think so. The next will be a group that is on the Donetsk front, where our troops are now being transferred. But this will be another “cauldron” with a much larger number of people.


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