The replacement of Khamatova, who left Russia, has been named in the theater

Due to the non-return of actress Chulpan Khamatova to Russia, two theaters with which her work is connected in various forms – “Contemporary” and the Theater of Nations are experiencing serious difficulties. What is happening now with their posters and whether the popular actress can be replaced, the MK columnist understood.

The actress’ refusal to participate in the March block of “Master and Margarita” performances sounded like thunder in the clear sky like a shot on February 24 for the management of the Theater of Nations. Meanwhile, tickets (and not cheap at all) for the 5.5-hour premiere performance of Bulgakov’s cult novel were sold outright.

Evgeny Mironov will not be envied: the play “The Master and Margarita” directed by Canadian director Robert Lepage got him and the theater, so to speak, with blood. The pandemic was constantly pushing the release date, and the already large budget was growing, and the issue, in fact, he was engaged in himself. Finally, in December last year, they released, started playing, the audience fell, and Margarita, for political reasons, went the distance, thus protesting against the beginning of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. That is, performing not in the theater, but in the political arena. It’s her right, but what can the theater do?

One of the two is either to shoot the play, return the money for the tickets sold, or urgently introduce another actress. Stopped at the second option. But here, again, it was necessary to choose – to introduce the role of Margarita actress with a big name (even called Marina Alexandrova), or take an actress who knows the play and works in it. Thus, the role of Margarita Nikolaevna, the Master’s lover, was played in March by actress Natalia Nozdrina, who has so far played with another actress in the play Gela from Woland’s retinue. In terms of her role, of course, she is not a heroine at all, but a characteristic one, but suddenly there was a chance to test herself – suddenly a heroine. And there is nothing to understand the intricacies here: not to fat – to be alive.

Nostrils were put into play all over the world for a week. She played as best she could, but given that everyone has several roles in the production, you have to be lenient in evaluating her work, and it’s worth saying thank you to her.

But who will replace Khamatova in last season’s hit “Gorbachev”? Here are the difficulties: Khamatova played a magnificent role for Raisa Gorbachev. Of course, the play is not on the bill in April, and it is unlikely to appear in May, as Chulpan said in an interview with journalist Gordeeva that she will not return to Russia. And having said that, they do not reverse.

Another metropolitan theater – “Contemporary”, where until recently the actress had two performances: “Enemies. A Love Story ”on the Big Stage and“ Morning Evening ”on the New. In order not to deceive the hopes of the audience, actress Svetlana Ivanova was introduced to “Enemies” in just three days, and the partners believe that she did a brilliant job, literally “no worse than Chulpan herself.” But here you only need to look and compare.

Obviously, the plastic performance “Morning Evening”, which is easier than others, is also waiting for another performer – poems, movements will attract many. In general, we are once again convinced that there are no irreplaceables and the holy place is never empty. Believe me, there are many very good and even magnificent actresses, though not as popular as Khamatova, in Moscow theaters. Nothing personal and even more so social and political – show must go on.

But politics and profession are different things. Until it concerns you. I would like to remind you that two years ago Chulpan Khamatova was very indignant at the departure of Sergei Garmash from Sovremennik, and above all by the fact that his demarche left many artists without work. But time passes, and she leaves two theaters: guided by political position or just emotions, but not the fate of her colleagues.

There is another formal side of the issue that both theaters will have to comply with: if Chulpan Khamatova has a purely contractual relationship with the Nations for performances, her workbook is still in the HR department of Sovremennik. And how will the theater now form a relationship with her – leave without pay or dismissal? If the latter, on what grounds?

Published in the newspaper “Moscow Komsomolets” №28747 dated March 22, 2022

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Khamatova quickly found a replacement


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