The revolution in Russia began from above: Putin’s ideal move

In these formidable and beautiful days of the reorganization of the world begun by Russia, the changes that are taking place inside the country, in its scale and significance, can be compared with the revolution. And this revolution, which meets the aspirations of a good Russian man, began from above. No wonder Putin quotes the holy military leader Ushakov: “These storms will go to the glory of Russia.” During the week, miracles happened before our eyes: the reset of the country took off in all spheres, the right words, the embodiment of which we have been waiting for so long, began to become deeds.

It is very difficult for some, especially those who are used to first-class seats, to accept the fact that we jumped out of a plane flying into hell of global degeneration, opened a parachute, and jumped back. They are still trying. Unsuccessful, for the simple reason that, even sitting in the VIP lounge, they were strangers there. It just seemed to them that they were accepted into the golden billion, but in fact, as Putin said, they were not allowed to enter the hallway. Just then Russophobia was hidden, and now the masks are dropped. And now we hear from London the cries of another oligarch, who was robbed of a two-level apartment, a mansion and arrested accounts. There is nothing for the poor man to pay the cleaner and the driver, and on the horizon there is also expulsion. In the best case to Latvia. But once in the “semi-banking” twisted the country.

The most stubborn try to gnaw the slings with their rotten teeth. They are either knocked down like an annoying fly, and the echo of their fall quickly subsides, or they themselves disappear into nowhere, unable to withstand the light, space and fresh air. One of the wonders of the week was such a disappearance. Chubais, the most hated man, has left Russia. It is a pity, as many say, one thing: did not sit on the track. And one more miracle or coincidence: on the eve of the anniversary of the bombing of Yugoslavia, the ideologue of this action – former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright – died. The one who believed that the 500,000 children who died as a result of the sanctions in Iraq was an adequate price for democracy. By the way, the bombing of Yugoslavia, carpet, no matter where the military goal and where the civilian, the world’s most authoritative magazine, “Time”, called: “Bringing Serbs to obedience. Massive bombing opens the door to peace. ” It is worth remembering this division, which is used by the generalized West: targeted strikes on military infrastructure are barbarism (because the strikes are Russian), massive bombings of all living things are a door to peace (because American bombs).

However, we are already standing on our land, which is flourishing under our feet. And now we set the agenda. According to Lavrov, Russia has not even begun to impose counter-sanctions, but it will no longer be possible to listen to Russia. Our president has made an ideal move absolutely in the paradigm of Western rules for Russia (the paradigm is simple – there are no rules for Russia). The move that was expected inside the country – gas (and in the future, I hope, and oil and other exports) will be sold abroad for rubles. Don’t know how to pay in rubles and where to get them? Not our problems at all. Everything is extremely simple – no rubles, no gas.

People in the aviation industry said: do not be afraid to take Western planes. And so, please, the government has made a willful decision – most of the fleet remains (in the Russian register, according to the head of the Ministry of Transport, transferred about 700 aircraft). And the issue of servicing these boards on the basis of a specialized enterprise of one of the state airlines is practically resolved. They said that the production of the Tu-214 should be revived. And now Deputy Prime Minister Borisov reports that the Kazan Aircraft Plant “has already fully prepared production. Therefore, today we will discuss how to get at least 10 Tu-214 aircraft in stages. ” A little, of course, a little. I want more, but this is a revival. And the IL-96 will probably go into series. By the way, WTO rules forbid us to formally build wide-body aircraft. But Russia is also coming out of this organization, which was essentially an economic strangulation.

Unprecedented preferences began to receive, and quickly, Russian IT specialists. The State Duma, which once disbanded its printer with bans, is now printing permits, concessions, and industry-boosting laws.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Manturov promises to support the domestic light industry (we used to have one): And we will fully assist our companies in this work. “

It is amazing and great that the time has come when there is not enough space to simply list everything that our government is doing for the country and for the people. Many things go unnoticed in general – for example, warnings issued to “departed” global companies: they say, decide by May, otherwise external governance and nationalization.

And it is even more surprising that reassembly is not only in the material sphere. Medinsky’s submission again raised the question of introducing a flag-raising ceremony in schools (this idea was supported by Putin some time ago, but they tried to cover it up). Medinsky, of course, spoke of “prayer,” as has been the case in American schools for 150 years, but reminded Peskov of the essence of the ceremony. Another ideologue of modern Russia, Margarita Simonyan, has been very strict about the system of teaching history in schools. The same Medinsky advised television to remove unnecessary entertainment programs from the broadcast network and put more “good” movies. Well, do not bother with copyrights on foreign products.

And Dmitry Medvedev put an end to what is happening in public life. The opinion of the deputy head of the Security Council can probably be considered the opinion of the “state”: “Those who just left – I will not give a moral and ethical assessment, because I do not know the motives of each of them. As the saying goes, do not judge, and you will not be judged. They want to come back. The one who will not return, I say again, most likely, it will be his personal choice, and some should not be spared. There is also a cultural code that is shared in almost all countries. You can criticize anything inside the country, but if you have gone abroad, it is not very right to scold your country. ” And also: “You can be dissatisfied with one or another decision of the authorities, criticizing the government is normal. This is part of democracy. But it is impossible to pursue an anti-state line in such a difficult situation, because it is a betrayal. ” And so that there is no doubt: “Each of us has a digital footprint. Everyone who writes various crap about Russia, about the course of our country, about individual citizens should think about this. All this will forever remain in the people’s memory. “

I think not only in the folk. The revolution is coming from above.


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