The Russian made his way to the 2022 World Cup. The incredible story of the pupil of “Locomotive”

Gael Ondua confessed his love for Russia and waited a long time for a call to our national team. And now he has helped Cameroon reach the World Cup.

The Russian national football team will definitely not please its fans at the upcoming World Cup. FIFA deprived us of the opportunity to fight for a ticket to Qatar, but even officials could not afford to leave the main tournament of the world without the Russians!

Gael Ondua has Russian citizenship and received his football education in Russia. Moreover, he sincerely dreamed of playing in the T-shirt of our team, but never waited for his chance.

Now Ondua has qualified for the World Cup, which is closed to the Russians. Just an incredible story!

Russified Cameroonian

Gael was in Russia at the age of nine. The Cameroonian came to our country with his parents. The father of the future midfielder was engaged in diplomatic work and somehow brought his son to watch “Locomotive”. It was our coaches who saw the talent in the boy and shaped him as a player.

– I was warmly welcomed. When I entered the academy, it was a little difficult with the language and customs, but it helped me a lot. People worked around the clock to help me. I was the only black guy in the entire Lokomotiv Moscow football academy. The teachers were very patient, and my teammates also helped me and facilitated my integration. All these people have done a lot for me, I am very grateful to them. 50% of who I am today come from Moscow’s Lokomotiv, Gael said gratefully. Get football news Germany.

From a young age, Gael aspired to play for the Russian national team. He did not hesitate to openly admit it. At the same time, the player had no problems with obtaining football citizenship. Ondua has a Russian passport and is married to a girl from Russia, and in the family they speak only Russian. What to say, even if Gael’s own channel in Telegram is in Russian.

Ondua Gael / Photo: © FC Anzhi

A difficult but correct decision

Ondua has long refused the Cameroonian Football Federation, which has repeatedly invited the player to play for the national team of his native country. But Gael was waiting for invitations from Russia.

– From an early age, I dreamed of playing for the Russian national team: watching matches, cheering for Russia in major tournaments. Besides, Russia as a country gave me the most – I mastered the profession of a football player there, – Gael explained the reasons for the refusal in his blog on

But now Ondua is 26 years old – the peak of the footballer’s career. It was at this moment that the player of the German “Hanover” received another offer from Cameroon, which he decided to accept. The personal interest of the head coach of the “indomitable lions” bribed, as well as the vague prospects in Russia, where Gael did not seem to be expected.

– Friends, I have made an important decision for myself – now I will play for the national team of Cameroon. The decision is not easy, but it motivates me a lot as a footballer and as a professional, – Gael told subscribers in his own Telegram channel.

Debut in the national team did not have to wait long. Cameroon had to play a ticket to the World Cup with a very strong team of Algeria. The head coach of the “Lions” Rigober Song released the player in the first game of the two-match confrontation, but the midfielder appeared on the field in the end, just six minutes. In the return match, the Hanover 96 player came out in the starting lineup and spent 111 minutes on the lawn.

Ondua’s performance was not marked, but his team booked a place among the participants in the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. If Gael can break into Cameroon’s bid, Russian spectators will have someone to cheer for at the World Cup.


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