The Russian national team beat itself. How Karpin’s team is fighting Western sanctions

The Russian national team held a joint training session with the youth team based in Novogorsk. The result was a two-way friendly game between the teams of Valery Karpin and Mikhail Galaktionov, in which the base won with a minimum score – 1: 0. “KP Sport” attended a strange match, which became a necessity in the era of sanctions.

Karpin put up two teams, and the youngster could not score

The main teams of the country have chosen the coldest day of the coming spring for joint training. The teams started under the sun and ended in a blizzard. Although the bad weather did not cancel the plans for a busy day. First, a joint training session, where the teams honed the pressure and nuances of leaving the defense to attack, then – divided into red and white to play a friendly game.

Such is the reality: Prutsev pressed Diveev and Osipenko, and Agalarov tried to break through Safonov, but could not. It looks like a retelling of the matches of the Russian championship, but this is a national team game.

Karpin assembled two different teams in the first and second halves, and Galaktionov was the only one with point substitutions. However, Valery Georgievich did not need the second team. The key moment happened in the middle of the first half. Bakaev hung great on Tyukavin, and the dude closed the shot with his heel – 1: 0.

There were no more goals in the match, and those who wanted to score could be counted on the fingers. No matter how you hide the “comradely” status of the game, everything was clear from the friendly “fives” and the patting of the “opponent” on the head.

Valery Karpin spoke about the conclusions he drew from the gathering of the national team. Photo: RFU

Barinov’s nose was smashed, and Prokhin was lying on the lawn more often than the others

Still, it’s hard to call 90 minutes of the game a giveaway. Wadding sticking out of Dmitry Barinov’s nose spoke of the fighting spirit of the youth. At the very beginning of the meeting, his nose was cut. It’s okay, but this episode added principles and textures to the game.

The main guard did not sit down either. In the first half, Terekhov was fully loaded with work on the left flank, and the youth captain Danila Prokhin was on the lawn every now and then after a hard confrontation with the Reds’ attackers.

The star hour could come for the newcomer to the main team Ivan Sergeev, but in the end he can be called the main loser of a friendly match. The forward did not hit the pace of attacks, then did not hit the goal. In one of the episodes, Sergeyev went around the goalkeeper of the youth, went to the empty net (though at an angle) and banged on the barbell with a ring.

But the most talented football player in Russia – as they say – Sergei Pinyaev made his debut for the youth. Daniil Glebov was not noted for his effective actions and bright strokes, but he made himself talk about himself:

“Pinyaev?” A good young football player. Let him develop, grow and get on the main team.

Russian national team_
While the Russian national team is under sanctions, we have to play two-sided. Photo: RFU

Is it possible to learn lessons from such a game?

On the way to Novogorsk, the taxi driver explained the situation:

“Why should they play with each other?” And so they kicked us out everywhere, as if we were nobody.

The question “Why do we need such a game?” everyone who heard about her choked. The answer was given by the players themselves.

– The match is useful, we haven’t been going for a long time. It was clear from the game that they forgot about team interactions. Different requirements in clubs. Not everything was so official now. It was not necessary to disassemble the opponent’s game. We started from ourselves, – Andrey Mostovoy explained.

The colleague was supported by the author of the only goal Konstantin Tyukavin:

– A good friendly match, it’s good that we won. It’s always nice for me to score, even in training. Of course, this collection was necessary to remember all the demands that Valery Georgievich makes on us. Everything was the same. Theories have become smaller, and so have everything.

As could be understood from the speech of Karpin and Galaktionov, both teams paid special attention to the exits from the defense to the attack. Valery Georgievich, apparently, had a hard time with the match with the Croats, when his team did not stick out of their goal.

But if the training went according to plan, then these fees did not have control marks. Playing with young people is a bad indicator. Even if she snapped and even had a chance to score. It will not be compared to the cabin against Poland. Apparently, Karpin understood everything, that’s why he was so reticent.

Russian national football team
The Russian national team trains in Novogorsk in such an entourage. Photo: Denis Akinin

The match with the youth gave Karpin nothing

Usually sociable Valery Karpin this time answered questions from the press very insidiously, in one word. And yet the main thing could be fished out.

– Before that, we also rode with this drawing, the answer to the question: “Will the team play now with such a drawing (” scheme “).

– Friendly matches with clubs? Probably. Not the point. The main thing is to work. See everyone. The main result of this collection was that there was contact.

That is, Karpin did not invent the bicycle or even try something new in such a free atmosphere. And the whole result of the training camp is a bit crumpled: the players and the coach saw each other.

Indeed, remembering previous experiences is an important point. And it is good that such an opportunity has emerged. But now the team has only worked on mistakes and has not learned a new lesson.

Alas, but this is not about Karpin or even the players. They have already squeezed the most out of the situation. As long as the team lives under sanctions, Karpin will repeatedly work on mistakes without moving forward.


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