The Russians have downloaded more than 100,000 fake Rossgrams from the Google Play Market

“Rossgram” – a domestic analogue of the now banned social network – has not yet become widespread. However, fraudsters are already copying the name that is heard and luring gullible Russians into their by no means social networks. At the time of the presentation of the prototype of the official application, which took place on March 28, users have already downloaded more than 100,000 fake “Rossgrams” from Google Play Market.

The “partner release package” was presented on the official Telegram channel of the Rossgram community on Monday. The creators claim that they will be able to reproduce all the usual features of Instagram, which was banned in Russia (belongs to the recognized extremist company Meta). Rossgram even promises to transfer data from the consonant social network. However, today there is no application available to the general public: the public was shown only a prototype – an engine on which developers test the functionality. On the project website, future users can leave an application to be one of the first – and that’s probably all.

However, in the Google Play Market you can already find applications that mimic domestic development: they are available at the time of publication, and one of them even collected more than 100 thousand downloads and more than 6 thousand negative reviews. Users who have tried the “novelty” write that they are offered a big win based on the results of a draw. As Kommersant explains, referring to the data of the Jet Infosystems laboratory, this is the work of fraudsters.

“When using the application, some users are shown a stub with the information that the social network will be launched soon, others are given a message that they have won a large sum of money,” the company said. After that, the technical support specialists allegedly ask the user to enter the bank card data, which is sent to the fraudulent server. Although the application can potentially perform other malicious activity, now its main feature is the theft of bank data.

At the moment, you can also find Rosgram (with one “c”) in the Play Market, but it has ten times fewer downloads – obviously, this product is not official either.

It should be noted that the creators of “Rossgram” announced their project on March 14, and a few days later they began to warn the Russians about the actions of fraudsters. Information about the fraudulent application appeared on the VKontakte project page on March 19.

The official Telegram channel of the community also talked about “simulators” that collect user data – meaning Telegram bots. For example, users were promised to book a unique nickname for the future, which is not known with certainty with the information provided by Russians who believed in such promises.

“We don’t have bots in Telegram. We do not send these messages. Trust the information only in this channel, ”the developers wrote today, March 29.

According to experts, the influx of fraudsters associated with the social network discussed in the media is quite understandable – attackers use proven schemes to “pump money” from the name. It should be reminded that the very popularity of the unreleased product is due to the ban on the activities of a foreign social network competitor (or ancestor). On March 21, a Russian court banned Instagram and Facebook owned by Meta Platforms Inc. Liability may arise for advertising on these sites or when transferring payments to them.


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