The site “People / Not People” appeared on the Internet – celebrities were divided into those who are for and against the “special operation”

On social networks, some add to the lists, while others discuss the feasibility of their creation, calling the division “dehumanization.”

In social networks, they paid attention to the site “People / Not people”, in which celebrities were divided into two columns. On the left were public figures who opposed the “special operation”, and on the right – who supported it. Opinions of users about such lists were divided – some thought that the site would be “useful in the future”, while others reminded who else divided people and “not people”.

The site was created by the former CEO of “Kinopoisk” Vitaly Tatsiy, who left the company in 2016. He posted a video on YouTube in which he spoke out against the “special operation” and explained why he created the project. Tacitus explained to TJ that he created the site to “show everyone that opponents are meaningless ***** [«спецоперации»] quite a lot. ”

The other day I created another project about celebrities. About famous people who have already spoken about the events in Ukraine. This is a very simple site, consisting of only one page. There are only two lists on this page – two columns. The first group includes those who actively oppose the events that began on February 24. These are the ones who call ***** ****** [«спецоперацию» «спецоперацией»]. I called this list very simply – “people”.

In the second column – those who call ***** [«спецоперацию»] special operation. Those who believe that Russia is liberating Ukraine from the Nazis. Those who think that Russia is always in the ring of enemies, and NATO is about to destroy Moscow. These are those who are convinced that the Russian army is attacking only military facilities in Ukraine. This is the list I called “Not People”.

Vitaly Tatsy

former general director of Kinopoisk

In the column “People” were TV presenter Ivan Urgant, actor Danila Kozlovsky, writer Boris Akunin, journalist Yuri Dud, singer Valery Meladze and others. And among “Not people” – singer Nikolai Baskov, host Tina Kandelaki, rapper Timati, hockey player Ivan Ovechkin, blogger Amiran Sardarov. Photos of “people” were left in color, and “not people” were made in black and white.

On Twitter, many supported the project. Some users of the social network also decided to continue the list and began to offer new candidates that can be made in the right or left column.

@kinorium Varlamov, Roman Super, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Elena Kostyuchenko (!) In the left column

@kinorium Plus to people:
Maxim Matveev (actor)
Lyubov Aksenova (actress)
Yan Gordienko (video blogger)
Ilya Prussikin (musician, Little Big band)
Sofia Tayurskaya (singer, band Little Big)

@kinorium To non-people: Averina’s sisters, Victoria Sinitsina, Nikita Katsalapov, Evgenia Tarasova, Vladimir Morozov
To the people: Evgenia Medvedeva, Sofia Shevchenko, Diana Davis
(It seems to be Tuktamyshev, but I do not remember exactly)

Users also felt that many of the quotes on the list could be ambiguous. According to them, some celebrities took the quote out of context, while others, on the contrary, spoke too softly to get on the list of “people”.

@brewerov Many of the list of those who are “against” are squeezed there with a big stretch. Netrebko, Khamatova, Sobchak. Maybe they are against the war, but somehow they were not against Putin.

@kinorium How did Buzova and Slepakov get into the left column?

@kinorium The presence of a propustin blind man in the left column looks at least strange

There were also those who criticized the idea. Users felt that the division into “people” and “non-people” dehumanized. They noted that it was important to establish a dialogue between those who hold different views, rather than to increase disunity.

The answer to the publication @kinorium

Sorry, but even in this form, dehumanization is not cool.

When dehumanization replaces dialogue, everything just rolls into the cunt with terrible speed.

It all started with him and it is with him that we must first end

@kinorium Dehumanizing people takes away their responsibility. There are bad and good people, but all people.

@brewerov And the Nazis divided people into categories of “people”, “not people”

Tacius responded to criticism of “dehumanization” by adding a question mark to the “Not People” list.

Updated project page

Roskomnadzor demands to call what is happening in Ukraine a “special military operation.” We have to follow this rule.

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