The supernatural prequel has found actors in the role of young Winchesters. Ridus

The story of Sam and Dean Winchester’s devil hunters who rode a 1967 Chevrolet Impala in search of raging monsters lasted for 15 years and ended the year before last, but the creators of the series are not ready to say goodbye to the story so easily.

Not so long ago, a prequel series was launched under the working title “Winchester”, a pilot episode of which is currently being created in collaboration between Warner Bros Television and CBS Studios. The action of “Winchester” should focus on the lives of Sam and Dean’s parents – Mary and John Winchester, namely the period of their acquaintance and life together before the birth of two sons. Today it became known that the team of the new project has finally decided on the lead actors.

The role of Mary Winchester (née Campbell) – the mother of Sam and Dean, whose death will later trigger the entire history of “Supernatural”, will be played by 21-year-old Disney star Mag Donnelly, known for her starring role in the musical “Z.O.M.B. I. » and its continuation. The actress could also be seen in the series “Cool Musical”, released on Disney +.

Meg Donnelly and Drake Roger will play the young Mary and John Winchester in a new series from CW.

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The image of young John Winchester – one of the best evil hunters and the father of the brothers – was entrusted to the young actor Drake Roger. For him, the role in the series will be the first major role in his career. At the moment, the young man has six supporting roles, including a small role in the melodrama “Between Heaven and Earth” from HBO Max.

Details of the plot of the series also became known. Robbie Thompson, screenwriter and producer of “Supernatural”, who is now the prequel to the prequel, revealed that the first season will show the following connection: 19-year-old hunter Mary Campbell is crushed by the death of a loved one. She no longer wants to fight the evil spirit, but suddenly her father disappears without a trace (the story is cyclical, isn’t it?).

His search leads Mary to John Winchester, who has just returned from the Vietnam War, which has completely crippled him both physically and morally. Together, they reveal unexpected secrets, learning that they were connected long before their meeting.

The date of the premiere of “Winchester” has not yet been announced.

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