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We bring to your attention a fragment of an interview with the head coach from the official program for the match PFC CSKA – “Ural”.

– Before the resumption of the season, you expressed the hope that changes in the team will make it stronger. We can already say with confidence that this is what happened, because newcomers immediately began to bring tangible benefits. Did you expect them to adapt so quickly in the team?

– I was not sure that everything would turn out that way. Of course, I hoped for that, because very high-level players came to PFC CSKA. They immediately became players of the starting lineup and, as you yourself noted, from the first game began to benefit. At the same time, I can’t say yet that the newcomers have already one hundred percent fit into our game. Here, it seems to me, there are reserves for reinforcement, and I hope that the team will add more. She is capable of this.

… – Before the two-week break in the PFC championship, CSKA defeated Rubin 6-1, with all winter newcomers scoring in this match. And most importantly, the game of the army looked great!
– I was very pleased with the mood with which the guys held this meeting. We started without swinging, immediately took the initiative. Of course, two quick goals dramatically changed the situation. In the Russian championship, even one goal scored in the debut changes the picture, and here it is already 2: 0 by the 11th minute. Rivals had to rebuild and take more risks. We did not retreat from our game, and even before the first removal we dominated the field. I agree with the assessment of the football we showed, the game really worked.

– PFC CSKA varies tactics, playing with three central defenders, then with two. What determines the choice of the scheme for a particular match?
– We used both tactical options in the first part of the championship. Everyone in the team understands well how to act in one and the other arrangement. Of course, the tactical scheme is chosen, first of all, depending on the availability of players ready for a match. If someone is injured, we can make adjustments to the original plan. In addition, the coaching staff analyzes the opponent’s game, this is also very important when choosing tactics. Be that as it may, he is convinced that the team must be able to painlessly adjust from one scheme to another, including during the match. In my opinion, this is one of the important requirements of modern football.

– Returning to the coaching staff of your brother Vasily added expression to the coaching bench. After that, you yourself became more emotional during the matches.
– I have to agree with you, with his return of emotions, our entire coaching staff has really become much more. We all know Vasily and his character very well. And in general he is top! (Vasily Berezutsky, who was present at our conversation, laughed at that moment – Prim. aut.). Although, in fact, he put pressure on me now and made me say it.

Read the full interview with Alexei Berezutsky in the program № 12 (673).

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