The United States condemned the exclusion of Russians from tournaments and called not to help Ukraine: Green, Young

The United States condemned the exclusion of Russians from international tournaments and called on them not to help Ukraine because of the Nazis. So in the West began to express their thoughts those who were previously silent because of the large number of people with opposing views, experts say. And the number of such dissenters will grow.

Against the removal of the Russians

Former US Permanent Representative to the United Nations Andrew Young has opposed the exclusion of Russian athletes from international tournaments. He stated this to RIA Novosti.

“It simply came to our notice then. The reason why all Russian athletes were expelled was that no one would be held responsible, “Young said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chairman of the Norwegian Olympic Committee, Oyvind Watterdahl, has announced his resignation. The reason is the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee to exclude Russians from international tournaments.

“I do this on my conscience to stand up for my Russian colleagues and in the future to be able to look them in the eye,” Waterdale said.

Against aid to Ukraine

Marjorie Taylor Green, a member of the US House of Representatives, spoke out against US aid to Ukraine. She stated this in her Twitter account. Green is convinced that Ukraine is “torturing its own people” and that the US government must influence Vladimir Zelensky and demand that this be stopped.

“We must not spend billions of US dollars in hard-earned taxes on military aid that may end up with Nazi groups torturing innocent people, especially women and children,” Green said.

“Thinking” people are appearing in the United States

In the United States live people from different countries with different knowledge of history. That is why there are different opinions about the situation in Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions. There are people like Young who believe that any situation should be understood before punishing the uninvolved. Political scientist Yuri Svetov told 360 about this.

“He (Young – ed.) Proceeds from the fact that with loud words that sport is out of politics, now sport has been turned into something politicized. Soon, apparently, it will come to the point that before the start of the competition, the athletes will swear that they have never supported Russia and are ardent opponents of it. And without this oath they will not be allowed to compete, “said Svetov.

According to him, people like Young and Green have just started talking, because at first it is very difficult to resist the general mood. However, later the desire to find out what is happening and who is to blame begins to win.

“It’s human nature, you want to know if it’s true. <…> And such people appear. “People think why suddenly, for example, we have to do free travel, free education, settle people who have chosen a government in their country that led to a military conflict,” Svetov explained.

Bad relations with Russia benefit only the elite

About 80% of Westerners are in favor of good relations with Russia, said Vladimir Bruter, a political scientist at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies. If you take the political elite of the second and third ranks, it is 50%. And if you take the top politicians, they are already 80% in favor of bad relations with Russia.

“It simply came to our notice then. They believe that this should lead them to some bonuses. They believe that weak Russia is the source of their bonuses, while strong Russia means that all bonuses will remain in Russia. The indicator is the hunt for oligarchs, “Bruter said.

The lifting of sanctions against Russia is not yet to be expected

So far, it is not worth hoping that Russian athletes will still be allowed to compete and sanctions will disappear. According to him, when Russia, China and India start imposing sanctions on the United States (and this will happen in the next 10-15 years, if the behavior of Americans does not change), then anti-Russian restrictions are likely to be lifted.

“You look at how they talk to China, a country that holds more than a trillion US dollars in debt, and the country they trade with. And the head of this country, Biden, is threatening. <…> Attempts to say this to India, a country that has nuclear weapons. They are threatened with a finger… “- stressed Svetov.

He reminded that there were no attempts to talk to Russia at the beginning of the special operation.

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