The wizard Gerihan has everything honestly, without deception! (VIDEO)

The corrupt referee reported for biased refereeing in the fight Yusup Shuaev with Grigory Ponomarev.

Last weekend, the Russian promotion FIGHT NIGHTS again defended the status of “vegetable base” when deprived Grigory Ponomarev chances of winning the title confrontation with Yusup Shuaev.

The obscurantism outside the cage, accompanied by insults and threats to engage in unnatural sexual intercourse with a Russian fighter, and a corrupt referee inside, which prevented him from developing success on the floor, resulted in a heavy knockout defeat for the Fyodor Hall Giant. analyzed the match in detail, and separately what was happening around.

Of course, no one is interested in Shuaev’s opinion about what happened, the promoter of this nonsense Kamil Hajiyev He has already stated that he does not know how to fight savagery in the stands, the judge acted correctly, and he (Kamil), Yusuf and, first of all, Vladimir Putin are lackeys, so this result suits absolutely everyone. But it was time to listen to the man whose hands forged victory.

Referee Gerikhan Shibilov aka Wizard Gerihan reported today for the work done and did it as convincingly as possible, of course if you are mentally retarded. According to the referee from Ingushetia, the full mount is the dominant position in the ground, when the attacking fighter sits on the stomach or chest of the opponent – this is “just a position” and if there is no action, you should interrupt the fight. At the same time, Shibilov talks about a minute, two or three inactions, although he did not give Ponomarev a couple of seconds to catch his breath after the reception.

“Many ask why they lifted it from the mount. Here the situation is like this, look: position mount, back mount, midfield guard, side mount – these are just positions. It seems to be an attacking position, but the fighter does not take further action, that is, we must activate them so that they continue to work. If he doesn’t work anymore, everything should be stopped. ”

“Mount is that a sacred cow or something? So what is a mount? There is no difference! This is a position, an ordinary position. No matter what position the fighters are in, they must take active action, they must show the referees that they are working. And just lie in the mount… well, he will lie for a minute, two minutes, three minutes… and what should the judges evaluate? At us MMA, at us it is estimated, the first goes – percussion technique, then grappling. I can’t just let it linger. I’m nearby, you see the picture on TV, you think I picked it up early, but I see that the fighter is completely relaxed. I see that he does not want to work anymore. Yes, maybe this is a subjective opinion, but this is my opinion! ”

In general, it is common in such cases, when the dad is already burning on his head, but it is necessary to say something: you are all… and I am D’Artagnan.

Then it turned out that depriving Ponomorev of the advantage, Shibilov equalized the chances. Probably, it is so, if the task is set to make Shuaev the champion. And the disrespectful referee did not know that he judged the five-round fight, and all the time talking about one remaining round until the end. As a result, his answers slide into vanity and outright nonsense, and it would probably be easier for everyone to just hand the belt to Shuaev without a fight, because now Wizard Gerikhan has to get angry and awkwardly twist, and we have to witness it.

“After I raise the fighters in the rack, I give these guys exactly the same chances. That is, they are in the rack and ready to work. Then Grisha would fall – Yusup would fall, Yusup would fall – Grisha fell. “

“Well, he would have lasted until the end… let’s imagine that I am now on the side of Ponomarev (yes, let’s imagine that you stopped suing Shuayev. I let him have this round, the third round is coming, and in the third round Yusup takes this blow and Grisha falls. That’s the end of the fight! Or Grisha hit him and he fell. If you mean that I gave some advantage to someone, and if he was able to win and could win – there was another round, guys (actually another 3. Note. There was another round! They both swung in the first round, they kept up the second round as best they could. The third round is unknown how it ended. That is, we cannot say that the battle would have ended differently. The fight ended the way it ended. ”

The incompetence of this character is astounding, but why be surprised, at the “vegetable depots” it is possible only so! Watching and listening is not recommended!

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